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CNN Fired Marc Lamont Hill For Saying Palestinians Deserve Equal Rights


CNN Fired Marc Lamont Hill For Saying Palestinians Deserve Equal Rights

Yousef Munayyer

Marc Lamont Hill, a professor at Temple University and a fierce advocate for equality, was perhaps the strongest, most articulate and most passionate voice against racism and bigotry among CNN’s regular contributors.

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CNN: Boycott.

As for Israel: Boycott, Divest, Sanction.


Lamont’s voice is silenced, Ward Churchill’s voice is silenced while that sewer mouth in the White House continues with his hateful, fact-free speech? Don’t think so: contact CNN. Crash their phones and email. https://www.cnn.com/feedback https://www.wikihow.com/Contact-CNN



Boycott The Corrupt News Network!

Forget this channel, permanently. Block it if your hardware allows.


CNN is just like Fox News which is fake news.***CNN allows Sick Rick Santorum strong to speak!! They allow Jeffrey Lord to speak!!Shame on them!!text:scream::tired_face::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::japanese_goblin::japanese_ogre::see_no_evil::robot:They fired Rick Sanchez years ago for saying the same thing Marc Lamont Hill said. I wish CNN would be fired along with MSNBC & Fox News.


You do know, I hope, that when Wolf Blitzer or any other CNN celebrity pops onto your screen with the lead-in of “Breaking News” that the word breaking is an active verb, not an adjective.

And, of course, given that the so-called “news” that they proceed to report is usually about events that happened hours ago, they might as well say “Broken News” instead.


They took the li’l Jimmies’ homes.
They took the li’l Jimmies’ crayons.

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And there’s really no point returning to CNN, which has done so much so wrong.


while I don’t think he should have been fired I do disagree with his anti-Israel views that in effect imply an end to a Jewish presence in the region, which is what Hamas, the elected government of Gaza openly calls for. Indeed Jews are not allowed to live anywhere in almost the entire Arab world including Gaza and the West Bank, and the notion of a “democratic” Arab state in the region with any rights for Jews seems remote. Note Lamont doesn’t seem to care about Palestinian “freedom” when suppressed by the rule of the Palestinian Authority or Hamas where there is no free press, no freedom of speech and Assembly, and of course, no freedom for Jews to practice their religion. Indeed, Palestinian Arabs have more freedom in Israel, especially of they are women, or gay, or atheists, but Lamont disregards this, seems only interested in spreading hate for Israel.


That’s a message he denies to have meant.


You are WRONG WRONG WRONG!!! Israel has been forcing Palestinianans out since 1948 to make room for settlers in the W Bank, Gaza & E Jerusalem. Israel persecutes Arabs no matter what their gender or sexual orientation is. Hamas wants talks with Israel & Israel refuses. AIPAC has too much control over the media & government.

On CNN, Fox, MSNBC, etc. we hear about relatives of settlers killed in the W Bank, Gaza & E Jerusalem They fail to tell you that the settlers put themselves in that position by taking land from someone else ( the Palestinians).

If the settlers need that land because it was their ancestral land, the Native Americans need the Continental USA back, the Native Alaskans need Alaska back & the Native Hawaiians need Hawaii back.

You mentioned Israel being the only ME Nation where women & homosexuals have equal rights. It doesn’t apply to the Arab Population which has far fewer rights than Jews. Black Jews (from Ethiopia & probably other Sub-Saharan African Nations) have fewer rights than white Jews although they are guaranteed equal right under the law. Ultra Orthodox Jews are the most sexist & homophobic of Jews. If they ruled Israel, women would be required by law to wear dresses below knee length & sit at the back of public buses & homosexuality would be illegal.