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CNN Host Faces Backlash for Pondering Whether Ocasio-Cortez, Tlaib, and Omar Endorsements Are 'Too Urban' to Help Sanders

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/10/16/cnn-host-faces-backlash-pondering-whether-ocasio-cortez-tlaib-and-omar-endorsements

How many times does it have to be said? The REASON that Sanders AND Trump were sensations in 2016 is Americans are sick and tired, fed up and just fucking tired of the “same ole, same ole” by BOTH parties. The Republicans say one thing and give us another and the Dems give us the same old rhetoric AND crap. WE WANTED CHANGE and whatever anyone says Trump did indeed give us that. I (and a lot of others) would argue that it is the wrong kind of change, but change it is.

Edit to add: And, fuck Klobuchar and Buttigieg.


Ever since the 1985 Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) formation the Party has pushed through so much legislation that pandered to their urban voters at the expense of rural voters that the GOP didn’t need to try very hard to enlist rural voters.

Sanders is one of the few candidates that will reverse that trend.


I’d like to add to your thoughts that the Dems have a perfectly good candidate with regard to the “optics” they always consider in Tulsi Gabbard. She is a woman, of color, a war Vet, still serving Major in the Reserve armed forces as well as being telegenic and intelligent. A real winner against Trump would be a Gabbard/Sanders ticket. She’s also not a knee jerk war monger (a negative to the Democratic war monsters but a plus to a lot of voters, liberal and conservative). It just proves to me yet again that the establishment Dems will be glad to see another four years of Trump rather than put forward a genuine progressive ticket.
Screw those bastards.



What about too anti-corporate greed?


And isn’t that what Obama promised us, Hope and Change? He just didn’t deliver AT.ALL.


CNN has a few good journalists and sometimes does real journalism. However, it’s wholly corporate-warmonger-capitalist-feckless Oprah style, not progressive, and often is trying to shape rather than report the “news.”
Obviously, “too urban” is a dogwhistle for misogyny, racism, anti-Muslim woman, anti-young woman, anti-working class, anti-progressive, and other negative memes that the host was clever enough not to articulate more explicitly.


Tulsi is pro-military, a volunteer soldier in the Empire’s war crimes and torture organization, and proudly brags about her role being complicit in the hegemonistic, illegal wars America likes to wage.
Further, she’s not a progressive, and she’s a big fan of Hindu nationalist fascist Modi, who is India’s Trump/Bolsonaro/Duterte.
She’s being primaried in her district by a true progressive.


First time I saw Tulsi was at a 2016 Sanders rally endorsing him.

Something not adding up. Could be too many litmus sticks.

Correct! There’s reasons why DT is president today and it has to do with the same “moth ball” odors coming from the two dominant political parties the Dems and the Repubs. My God! Does America need blood in the streets before we have decent progressive societal changes???


Exactly. I don’t want more soldiers in Congress. Already have too many in the military. If she was really against war, not just ‘regime change war’, then she would retire from her military duties and join an anti-war veterans group like so many other soldiers have done who saw the light.


Too many times “political debate” hosts suffer from the common disease of, Diarrhea of the mouth!

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" Too Urban " shows Mr. King can’t do demographic analysis. And funnier than that, he’s CNNs’ go to guy on polling and voting patterns, etc. CNN needs some new blood in the news dept.
Another white male dumbass proving, once again, the Peter Principle was really named for guys like King, who always lead with their junk.


King is supposed to be a news person, not a commentator. He should stick to what he is supposed to focus on. Most in the MSM are not fair, even-handed brokers. This is especially true on the corporate cable networks. They have a corporate slant that comes through over and over again.


Thank you.
Also beware the CNN and NBC polls. In 2016, NBC utilized the 2008 obama demographics and did not adjust for the demographic changes in precincts. Such as folks moving out, deaths, loss of interest.
The closest example is Wayne county Michigan, Detroit.

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To be fair, there is no such thing as a dumb question. If there were then we would still be in caves. That being said King knows better, has been around enough to know which questions to ask and when, very poor performance on his part but if you have noticed, he speaks very fast, has brain has to work faster. Obviously the question then is, does he have shit for brains and diarrhea of the mouth?

The evil axis of NYC and DC rules the roost. The laziness, financial corruption, unlimited lobbying, media management has moved us down 4 pegs to third world status. We have to export oil and natural gas just to have an economy. Because we gave manufacturing away.

Travel the backroads of Pennsylvania through Minnesota and check out the condition of the housing. Not good. Peoples do not have enough income to maintain as they would want to. Particularly the elderly. Since 2009 crash and grab, the rural areas and small towns have not recovered. The shopping street storefronts are empty. The family restaurants serve the boomers because no body else has loot for eating out.

The 2020 election will not hinge on Trumps and his family’s misdeeds, But by finding a way to invigorate our young people to become actively engaged as democrats. The democrats do need to win the midwest, period - or trump gets re-elected.

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Kai Kahele, your true progressive, has flown 108 combat sorties, logged 3,075 hours of military flight time, and commanded C-17 combat missions. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kai_Kahele
As far as Tulsi being a big fan of Modi, I’d like your source on that.
As far as being guilty of war crimes simply because she is a soldier, well that is just silly.
And Hey buffalospirits, I kind of agree with you that we should have fewer soldiers in politics but being a soldier should’t disqualify someone. As much as I despise the despicable crimes of the true axis of evil (Washington, D.C., Langley, VA. and Wall Street), as much as I despise the true evil Empire (USA/NATO), as much as I yearn deeply for peace, it is obvious that nations need soldiers for defense. Let’s keep the conversation on an adult level.

In any case, I have no illusions. Gabbard (and Sanders) are going to be ground down by the iron boot heel of the establishment Democrats if they have their way. In the meantime, there are rumors that Clinton is going to throw her hat into the ring in which case, because of the absolute demonization of Iran and Russia. we are actually having World War Last.

My original comment was to point out that, from a political point of view that a Gabbard/Sanders ticket would be a sure winner against Trump and I stand by that sentiment.


Can’t help but appreciate these sisters.
I can only hope they survive the daggers from their own party.


CNN’s King John sez:
"They are … less talk about working with Republicans.”

Somebody pump some oxygen into this guy’s bubble, stat! He’s apparently in the delirium stage of CO2 poisoning and is flashing back to 1996.