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CNN Moderators, Alarmed by Cost of Medicare for All, Ignore Price Tag of Endless War

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/01/14/cnn-moderators-alarmed-cost-medicare-all-ignore-price-tag-endless-war


This is the moment! Bernie Sanders, January 14, 2020 “debate”.

Bring back the League of Women Voters debate sponsorship! Corporate control of the “debates” is voter mind control.


Just goes to show how CNN is a corporate outlet spewing militarist propaganda.


God forbid they should have to explain the War Budget. Most important to me in this moment is the not-unexpected sell-out by Warren. BTW: she does not lie well. Only a completely corrupt MSM would give credence to her accusation about Bernie. His decades of consistently supporting women should shame her off the stage.


Nobody seems to have noticed another gaff by Warren. She claimed she won certain elections that Bernie did not. Bernie came back with, yes I did 30 years ago. Liz said that she said within thirty years. The playback shows she fibbed. Her original comment had no time frame. Minor gaff, but it caused Bernie to have to chase it down. That with the women can’t win jab have taken her off my short list.


Actually - the math was wrong. Bernie won that election in November of 1990 which is about 29 years ago so it is less than 30 years to begin with.


Fascist NAZI pigs at every turn, under every rock; evil incarnate constantly at the throats of our children, out to destroy our livelihood, our lives. What possible response could we collectively enact to overturn such an all encompassing and all consuming evil.


Even progressives dont say this enough…medicare for all SAVES money! We already pay for it every year, plus about 10%! Even the koch brothers had to admit it, $36T > $32T


I never trusted the lifelong republican Warren. She is fully on board with the Venezuela Coup, and the one in Bolivia. The first time Warren registered as a Democrat was 1996, that means that she saw no foul during the Reagan years, during the Iran Contra scandal, during HW Bush’s reign, even during Newt Gingrich’s “Contract with America”. She saw no problem with the repeated S&L Scandals during Reagan’s admin, despite all her BS about being hard on banks, nor the huge military buildup and subsidies for the rich - the very foundations of the Fascist present no less… Warren is just a wolf in sheep’s clothing, like Obama, and the Clinton’s, and Pelosi, and Biden, and … Trying to steal the thunder from the mounting progressive response to the ongoing right wing extinction event. Never vote republican, never, no matter the clever guise. Warren could only have become democrat once the democrats had steered so hard right that they were basically republicans. Sanders is, and always has been the real thing. Cheap shot, trying to get the women’s vote on a lie - Worse yet, trying to smear sanders at a crucial moment. And taking all that big corporate money - is it too hard to see who she works for? What more evidence is needed to show she cares only for herself and not the country or even the world. How could anyone trust someone like that? And Biden…F__k you too.


The infection of the media’s techniques of manipulation has taken hold of all of us it seems. On this forum’s pages commenters attempt to manipulate each other shamelessly. The justification for this is partisanship for their preferred candidate. To that end people are structuring their comments so as to manipulate rather than strive for objective truth. The TV generation’s kids and grandkids speak the language of sound bites almost without trying to. Politicians do it which is to be expected since they aren’t concerned with truth but votes. The media is only concerned with viewers et al. Trumpers and the Fux News types are concerned only with winning at any cost ethics be damned. But some progressives are walking a tightrope and some evidently don’t even care anymore if they occasionally misstep. Most try to be honest with each other but partisanship has spread like an infection. Manipulative statements are increasing as partisanship takes hold. Quotes from you tube quasi authorities are being presented without critical review. Never heard of these people being quoted? No matter, they are for one side or the other. We may criticize the media but we are increasingly lowering our standards with each other for the sake of partisanship.

The one thing left for us all is the right to hold our opinions no matter what. It would be better if we argued using truth and provable facts not quoting some mostly unknown self publishing person as if they were an accredited news source. But hey, the modern world r’ us.

Did Biden disappear in this debate? I kind of think he did. At best, he was not treated as the front runner nor as the wise experienced leader he would have preferred to appear. Biden was almost relegated to second rank as a contender. Klobuchar seemed to struggle to be taken seriously by the hosts. Steyer got a word or two in edgewise but whether that makes much of a difference at this late date is debatable. Too bad he is a billionaire, huh? Bernie, Warren and Buttiboy did come across as equals somewhat but everyone knows the Dem race is between Bernie and Warren in the months to come.
Bernie did okay but needs more clarity on how he can accomplish his goals. Warren needs to step back and be less strident. Buttiboy is really slick and noticeably talented but in the end just who is he? No experience but obviously Reaganesque as a young man communicator. Scary a bit imo.

Hope Bernie marshals his strength and doesn’t injure his health. He doesn’t want to end up like Biden lol. Warren seemed a bit frazzled. Bernie in 2020 barring any health scares. If another one happens he won’t carry the day.
Bernie in 2020. Once he settles in, he’d make a great President. Warren needs more charisma and be less the professor all the time. Bernie and Warren, if that is still possible.


So I take it nothing was said about the lie Lizzie Warren* told about Bernie saying women can’t win.

*Lizzie Warren told a lie
Hoping to give Bernie 40 whacks
But when she saw what she had done
She gave herself 41


The faux feminism the corporate shills are deploying in their attempts to #StopBernie is laughable…or rather, it WOULD be, if i didn’t already know that juuust enough of the white women are going to buy it hook, line and sinker.

All the libs wanted to blame progressives for 2016’s results - fk that noise. white supremacism was/is to blame, more than anything else. Much as i hate to admit it, no major “progress” is going to happen (in the US, or on the global stage) until white people en masse do some serious self-examination & introspection. After which, hopefully, they’d convince the racists who can be reasoned with to dial it down several notches, and silence - or even excise - the ones who can’t be reasoned with.

Spoiler alert: none of that’s going to happen before climate change turns hundreds of millions of POC into climate refugees to be rejected at the militarized border (or maybe the white folks will stick their kids in cages, just for cruelty’s sake).


As a matter of fact Colbert said, tonight, the same gaff. I have it recorded so I’m going to verify it one way or another. After all, my wife tells me I don’t hear so well.

Well, I just replayed it and I am wrong. At least I heard it wrong. Much ado over very little I’m afraid. Sorry if I ruffled anybodies feathers.


Agree completely but it wont be easy. The Duopoly is in collusion to closely control the debates

since I can’t post the link you’ll find this at the 'Center For Public Integrity’ website
Two-party debates
A Corporate-Funded, Party-Created Commission Decides Who Debates — and Who Stays Home

and THIS is why we see 20+ people on the ‘debate’ stage. Just to screw thing up


Boring… a cnn framed conservative debate. Bernie was nervous… bumbled the first two questions a bit, but then he probably felt he was going to be under attack by all and cnn (before, during and after the debate). A no win situation for berners.

As for Liz… generally spoke well to issues, but didn’t answer to the smear/ political hit job, and I wouldn’t trust as far as one could ------- (pick your variation on the saying)


And exactly how Clinton became a thing of the past.

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Good god were the moderators absolutely horrific. Even if someone wants to argue that they should challenge candidates on the left from an opposed position, given that the Democrats are the more progressive party, think actual Democrats might want candidates on the right to be challenged from the left? Instead of trying to ask questions from the perspective that the party says it is on issues, everything comes from the right and reflects the types of questions and framings the owners of the network think benefits them. Shame on the Democrats for doing their debate on a network on CNN and agreeing to those damn hacks.


Des Moines, Iowa has always been an Insurance & State Government town. A nice way of saying it’s run by, and on, pushing paper of all types. Except hemp, of course. ( There’s just no money in Iowa for something you grow from the dirt up that isn’t taxpayer subsidized ).Which is more interesting than eggs, chickens, turkeys, cows and pigs. Deer and horses are only vicious rumors at this point. Sort of like Sen. Warren’s heavy claims, btw.
The Iowa primary will be decided East of Des Moines, of course. Starting in Newton and ending at the Mississippi River. 2/3rds of the population, I think.
At least they’ll be counting the raw votes and tabulating them this time. " Our liberties we prize and our rights we will maintain. " Well, sort of. Kind of long but it’s better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick. Which Iowans like to save for February’s long, cold and sometimes snowy nights. Snow tires, all wheel drive, scarves, gloves, headgear…it’s all part of the fun.
Plus, if you win you get to run America sort of, make the salary of a 1st year utility baseball player in the Bigs and, go around the planet blowing up stuff. And, human beings, too. Such a deal, eh.
It’s beginning to get interesting, folks.

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remember - Liz has been taking lessons from Clinton


Maybe so in coming weeks as his handlers are sure to notice that he was barely noticeable. After this debate can anyone push the meme that Biden is impressive in any way? He wanted to be profound but nobody cared. By the end Biden was just another candidate not the one in the lead.

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