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CNN on the Frontiers of the Commercialization of News


CNN on the Frontiers of the Commercialization of News

Jim Naureckas

“CNN Tests New Ways to Mix Ads With News,” a Variety headline (3/5/15) declared, over a story about how the cable news channel has “gotten over itself” and has "looked for more ways to weave ad messages into programming.”


“If free enterprise becomes a proselytizing holy cause, it will be a sign that its workability and advantages have ceased to be self-evident.”

From “The True Believer: Thoughts on the Nature of Mass Movements” by Eric Hoffer (1951)


Eric Hoffer also once said that when people finally manage to achieve their freedom they use it to act like everybody else. I gave up on TV “news” (even PBS) a long time ago. I’m grateful that there are websites such as this because it helps me to be independent from the establishment-friendly propaganda that the networks offer up. I won’t miss the new attempts at commercializing these shows, either. What a disgrace.


Does anyone still watch CNN?



Indeed, one day in middle age I was astounded to realize how much effort is expended by so many trying to be not too different from everyone else.


It’s pretty clear that virtually every moment of airtime on CNN – and most other corporate broadcasters as well – is already a kind of commercial in that it’s subsidized by the monied establishment. I laughed out loud recently while watching CNN – I noticed that a particularly smarmy “news report,” which was merely more McCarthy-style Russia-bashing, was followed by a glitzy ad from Northrup Grumman. Something about bombers, I think. And so it goes. Tonight NBC Dateline is doing its bit to honor McCarthy’s ghost by airing yet another smear of Russia, arbitrarily linking various murders and other incidents to the “evil Russians.” It’s the same old song nowadays, isn’t it? And if you look at what’s going on in the financial world – always follow the money to find the key to world events – you’ll discover why Western politicians and their gangster sponsors are having conniption fits about Russia and China these days. It’s because the U.S. dollar has virtually nowhere to go but down and the Russia-China banking and trade partnership is poised to change the world in a big way. Europe’s adoption of the distastrous “quantitative easing” scheme – which merely locks millions of people there into endless debt bondage, just like in America – could spell the end of Western prosperity as we know it. The big banks have looted America and are now doing the same to Europe, and after that there’s nowhere left to pillage – except Russia and China, with their enormous resources, but that won’t happen. The buck stops just east of Ukraine and just west of Taiwan. Hence the orgy of McCarthyist “reporting” aimed at preparing simple-minded Western voters for the “necessity” of waging war against those godless commies.


I do because I now live overseas in a third world country. I flatter myself that I can watch it and mentally separate the events from the b.s., and it lets me sort of keep track of the goings on in the Old Homeland and all the places it has things going on.

I am sourly amused by the way they sell their staff of personalities, particularly Christine Ahmanpoor. There is a continually reiterated promo clip of her asking “hard” questions of various so-called leaders, but of all the people she is seen quizzing in her signature sincere. truth seeker style, the only one who has a sound byte answer shown is John Stewart. They of course are selling their audience on seeing her ask those kinds of questions, the possibility of meaningful answers be damned.

They used to show NBC news a day late (CNN at least can be seen same day) but after their anchordude got outed for lying too clumsily, it disappeared from the cablewaves with no explanation.


“But the increase of programming that has elements of entertainment in it lends the network the opportunity to test ideas 'CNN hasn’t had in the past,’ she said.”
I have a feeling that this is the reason why CNN has been losing revenue for a long time now. They haven’t been a news organization since Ted Turner left. They’re much more like Faux News, infotainment! Perhaps CNN, Faux and MSNBC will all go down the drain together!