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CNN’s Iran Fearmongering Would Make More Sense Coming Directly From Pentagon


CNN’s Iran Fearmongering Would Make More Sense Coming Directly From Pentagon

Adam Johnson

Why doesn’t CNN Defense Department reporter Barbara Starr just leave CNN and instead work directly for the Trump DoD?


Barbara, your cheerleading days are over.

We don’t want your fucking war!

Boycott CNN.


CNN and the Washington Post are the official mouthpieces of the deep state. There is no news…only propaganda, disinformation and outright lies.

Listen to John Prine…he knows exactly what to do.


Clearly CNN knows how to use a potential threat of war to get ratings. Look how well they did it before the Iraq War. People would be smart not to watch CNN right now and maybe if they are sports fans to focus on the NBA playoffs or the MLB. Hyping war may be good for getting people to watch TV ads but it is not good for maintaining peace. Don’t use Facebook and don’t watch CNN. The world will be better off.


“FAKE NEWS!” Killer Clown won’t be castigating


I am constantly hearing that Iran is behind the terror in the world, that they fund the most terrorism. This is a drive by Bibi to have the US enter into another war in the ME on behalf of Israel. They along with the Neocons and Saudis have been pushing for the destruction of Iran ever since the Iranians were so mean to overthrow such a wonderful person like the Shah, who was our good buddy and keeping Iran from going commie.
For the US it means oil. For the Saudis, their religious war against the Shi’ites, and for Israel whose Bibi’s party has been advocating for the Greater Israel of the bible to be built, which means that Gaza and the West Bank must come under full Israelis control for that to happen. Which means that Hamas must be destroyed. Since Iran backs them, Iran must be wiped out first.
I am tired of hearing how Iran calls for the destruction of Israel without any listening to how Israel has been pushing for war to rid the ME of Iran for many decades. How the Neocons push for war to destroy Iran. And Iran is suppose to just listen to all the threats and can’t react in turn. Bomb Bomb Bomb Iran from a presidential candidate of the US.
The Shah was one of the most brutal dictators that the US ever put into place (and that is saying something considering what evil we have placed into power around the world.). We trained his secret police in torture, funded him with money and weapons as long as we could get cheap oil from Iran. And ever since the overthrow of that evil, Iran has been condemned for calling the US the Great Satan.
Of course now the US wants to bring back ‘legal’ torture for those we call enemies. All so we can claim the moral high ground that torture works and our enemies deserve to be tortured because we are great. And our enemies are so low to attack poor US.
I have seen this script before to prepare the nation for a war. To get support by demonizing others to justify attacking someone. Throw away an agreement that stops them from building nukes, attack them as terrorists, use fear to scare the people, all parts of a great movie script where our military leads us into a glorious war (that we will win in 3 weeks and be paid by Mexico. Oops, oil.) with our brave soldiers. Who will die ‘protecting’ us from the great evil.
Sorry I watched the original long ago and while it was something to watch, napalm, agent orange, millions dead, the ending left something to be desired. Like what to do with all those wounded in many ways as we ignored what they went through. How many more homeless vets are we willing to make for the remakes over and over again?
How many times are the people going see this movie and vote for it to be the best ever? Stay tune for the sequel where the people once again buy into fear that we are about to see mushroom clouds. I don’t think they are seeing them, I think they are eating the mushrooms. They are certainly on something.


Pretty dam accurate,


CNN is on everywhere: airports, waiting rooms, dental offices, and homes all across America. The forty of us who comment consistently on this site can indeed boycott CNN–and already do. But the overwhelming majority of our fellow citizens do not. It’s frustrating to realize that we inhabit an echo chamber here, fulminating against events and forces beyond our ability to remedy.


Much of the UK media called Israel’s attacks on Iranian positions "retaliatory", yet failed to point out that it was Iran (if they did, that is) were retaliating against an earlier Israeli attack, hours after Trump broke his treaty with Iran.

Once more the assumption we are made to believe by the media is that Iran is the aggressor, and Israel is merely defending itself. Again, on the alleged Iranian rocket attack, none were aimed at Israel but occupied Golan Heights and legitimate military targets