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CNN Tools up Tools for Democratic Debate


CNN Tools up Tools for Democratic Debate

Ray McGovern

CNN, the sponsor of Tuesday’s debate among Democratic presidential candidates, has gone to extraordinary lengths to avoid being sullied with the stigma of “liberal bias.” The four CNN journalists handpicked to do the questioning have carefully protected themselves from such a charge.


Let's hope that Bernie takes the initiative after so many years in this conservative dominated media universe. He is familiar with how things aren't asked and never mentioned and by now he knows the language well.

Moreover there is a mood growing in this country that must be addressed by the questioners and the reality is that if they fail to take note of people's attitudes it will be news the following day.

From Black Lives Matter to the Emails all the country awaits this first debate (especially as the first republican debate knocked Bush for a loop and ended up giving Trump an 'upset' (in the debate) still in the race position.

This first dem debate is indeed anticipated with a measure of excitement. Bernie will have his chance and Hillary still needs to explain away things...lol.

First things first... at least as far as debates go. Even if there are no progressive questioners... interesting questions will be asked nonetheless.

And even if they aren't... Bernie will provide answers away!


"It’s not likely that Clinton will be pressed on her disastrous history as a liberal war hawk: "

"liberal war hawk" meant as a conservative/neoliberal that can start wars liberally, whenever she chooses. Otherwise those words contradict themselves.


I think Senator Sanders will find "opportunities" to get his populist message across. He has 40+ years of experience in people attempting to shut him and his message out.

To his advantage, Senator Sanders has far more experience than the panel presenting the questions ... individually or collectively. He is far too experienced and cagey to allow the panel to "control" his dialogue.

Don't be surprised if he allows the other candidates plenty of time and opportunity to define their own positions. Doing so will give the other candidates enough rope to hang themselves on the important issues.

Actually, this debate has the potential of being quite entertaining!


I certainly hope so . . . . .


Huh? First, what "left"? Secondly, when was the last time you heard a Democrat who was a liberal? Right/left and liberal/conservative tend to apply primarily to socioeconomic issues. On this, even today's liberals are well to the right of former Republican presidents Eisenhower, Nixon, and even Reagan. The US has been a grounded eagle with two right wings since the 1980s.

In the debate, the Democrats will all declare their unshakable devotion to middle class campaign donors while avoiding the most critical issues that we face in this country. While America has a poverty crisis, Dems and libs have spent the years of this administration maintaining a pep rally for the middle class.. Democrats can't win elections with the votes of middle class Dems alone.


What is really outrageous is that we have to pay for cable access to watch a national political debate! The airwaves are supposed to belong to the people. Not everyone, including me, has cable.


Ozmo you can watch the debate on CNN online without cable just an internet connection.


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The kind of debate I would like to see would only have one moderator. He/she would ask the first question then kick back and relax with a baseball bat across their lap, to be used only if things got out of control. The rest of the night would be devoted to watching the candidates go at it, no holds barred, you know, like a real WWE Smackdown! But there I go dreaming again!