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CNN Town Hall Went Deep on Climate Crisis—But Was Anyone Listening?

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/09/07/cnn-town-hall-went-deep-climate-crisis-was-anyone-listening

I prefer this format to the debate format which ends up becoming mostly fluff.

I think things are less dependent on the format than they are on the questions. I really liked that CNN had a number of people from the Sunrise Movement asking questions - the ones they asked were terrific and made the town halls worth it.


I prefer the Occupy Wall Street people’s assembly format, myself.

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It would help if all of our screen savers were, " Fossil fuels are killing us and the planet."
It would begin to sink in after a while.

Less were listening to the climate town hall than the democratic debates BECAUSE you had to PAY to watch the climate town hall; not so with the dem. debates.

I’m curious, how so? I have u-verse, and they ran on the normal CNN channel. Anyone who wants to see them now can watch them on youtube.

Oh. My. God.

I just heard (maybe you heard it too) ByeDone attempting to deliver the euphonious condemnation: “If Donald Trump is re-elected, it will fundamentally alter the character of this nation.” That’s what he intends to say. So he steps up to the mic all prepared to sound just glorious, and opens with, “If Obama Trump is re-elected… oops, Freudian slip!”

Obama Trump. You put your finger on it that time, ByeDone. Did this really happen?

I actually get CNN but neglected to record this event. Do you know if there is any way to watch the whole 7 hours (well if probably skip a few candidates)?

I posted that in another thread.

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Good point. Coverage of the town hall event inferred fewer people watched because fewer are interested in climate change; much like coverage of hurricane Dorian focused primarily on devastating damages with little mention of climate change as causation.

WSJ–called it “boring”------one of those great intellectual papers-----NOT------I watched parts of this and it was very interesting ----and yes the highlight for me was when Warren called out the media without people understanding this. But also how “climate change” is a sad term for the many important topics discussed. PROTECT THE COMMONS!