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'Co-Conspirators in Sedition': Here Are All of the Republicans Who Voted Overturn Election Results

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2021/01/07/co-conspirators-sedition-here-are-all-republicans-who-voted-overturn-election


Simon Schama of the UK - “It’s very simple, the President of the United States has attacked the United States.”


For those in the “history always repeats itself” crowd, isn’t it unnerving how much Josh Hawley resembles Goebbels?


Trump must be removed and the congressman who supported this attempt must be removed from office. It’s time to purge this country of fascists. Let the roundups begin.


And they also “helped” to potentially spread not just COVID-19 but a new varient that early studies show will make the vaccines less effective. After having done a bit of research on Lyme disease, this is sounding very similar as far as the microbes, be they viral or bacterial, are finding ways to ensure their survival.

Scientists are monitoring a coronavirus mutation that could affect the strength of vaccine


I always thought that of Stephen Miller.


“If they hang 'em all they get the guilty if they hang 'em all they cannot miss
If they hang 'em all they get the guilty been a lot of problem solved like this”
–Tom T. Hall, Hang Them All (1978)


Old Joe Goebbels had a lot more hair than Miller. But I like the way you think


Part of me feels bad for the rubes caught up in this nonsense on the ground. They really believe they were defending their country today. They really do. And as MG Piety just broke down in CounterPunch early this morning (as have others, myself included), they’re not entirely wrong about their characterization of the state of the American political system. Their failure was believing Trump was actually an authentic messenger and avenger for their grievances at being ignored.

This mercy does not extend to the political actors who largely do know better and were just stoking these pathetic bastards for profit and glory. While both parties play their bases like the same violin, what the GOP pols did today really is deserving of a spectacular and serious response. I don’t care about the whole “integrity of our democracy” garbage. We don’t have one and I can’t think of anything already possessed with this little integrity as it is.

What I do care about is punishing the kinds of cynical dicks who exploit people like this to do bad things. And I think those pols who staged this sick stunt need to be publicly humiliated and dispatched for this crime alone. So even though I realize there’s a lot of hypocrisy and hyperbole coming from Democrats on this while sordid episode—I mean, they did a similar thing when they denied Trump’s win in 2016, did they not?–I still hope that an example finally gets set somewhere with these jokers thinking that all this chaos is just a game.

So go get 'em, progs. And make it hurt.


Of course the hooligans need to be rounded up and locked up as the terrorists that they are, likewise that orange fascist that calls himself a President. But then, GWB should have been locked up, too, and now he’s been made to look like a “great leader” compared to Trump. This incident has already had the effect of making our corrupted politicians in this corrupted system look like saints and pillars of democracy compared to Trump and his cult of brain-dead sheeple.

We still have an oligarchy, folks, and the vast majority of our politicians don’t give a rat’s ass about anybody but themselves and their corporate sugar daddies. Now is not the time to wave the flag and feel that “democracy” has triumphed. It is the SYSTEM that has triumphed, and there is nothing democratic about it.


Speaking from the red state of MO, he looks like a school boy dressed up in dad’s suit. And that’s about the maturity level as well.


Here’s a link to the Lancet topics page with audio and links “The Lancet Voice”

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Ah that bloody brit humour. LOL

I think the best punishment is to bring all the laws, by The People, on 8foot placards, listing the laws broken and whodunnit until the body of knowledge is a household conversation along with arts projects and with public prosecutors preparing cases.

We The People have to initiate such things. Our diversity is our strength, our clarity is our vehicle, our message must be crystal clear.

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Double standard, I believe the vast majority of so called law enforcement voted for and strongly support Trump. Can we expect them to save us from their own confederates? Will we see arrests of these moronic clowns?


That may just describe most of the Senate these days. It’s become what almost everyone said it would, our own US House of Lords. A place where the rich can have final say on what legislation gets passed, and who shall sit in judgment of the Rabble.


Right, in the sense that he is not much of an independent thinker.

I expect from the reaction of Democrats in Congress and some here that the wrong lessons have already been learned from this incident. The litterally millions of people in America who believe the election was rigged will not go away until they are given a good reason to - i.e. that their lives have improved measurably. It’s not any failure to prosecute (and even execute?!) the perpetrators that will end these insurrections. It is giving the people what they want and need (M4A, UBI or a jobs guarantee at a living wage, etc.). Mark my words, failure to do so means this is not the end, but only the beginning of the political violence, and those punnished will become heroes and martyrs.


The utter failure and craven timidity by politicians, elected officials and media to finally use the T word - TREASON - to describe the agenda, words and actions of trump & co for what it has been for a very long time is representative of their complicity and silence.

The constant false claims of “fraud” and massive electoral manipulations to deny the malignant narcissist re-election, predictably parroted by the media and allowed/spread by “social media”, created this boil to burst. The real crimes were committed by the WH, its appointees and GOP players who used the agenda for their own ends or were themselves mental and complicit.

The overt support for trump fantasy and mentally ill ranting by elected Congressional reps who themselves spread the madness and stoked the fires of a public we witnessed at the Capitol. The corrupt/mental WH, its GOP supporters, right-wing talking-head propagandists and provocateurs, and media seeking only profits, not truth, are all complicit to the treason constantly vomited by the orange criminal and his appointed co-conspirators like USPS shill DeJoy, Giuliani, and many others.

The danger from a wounded mentally-ill person still holding great power to destroy and subvert more of sane, honest, and wise governance, especially war and environmental obscenity must be stopped by removing the person responsible, prosecuting the principle and co-conspirators elected and appointed or so-called adviser provocateurs like the also malignant/mental - now like rats jumping a sinking ship they were instrumental in steering!

Failure to finally call the treasonous regime, its supporters and agenda what it is is complicity - silence IS complicity and failure or refusal to vigorously prosecute for crimes against the Republic, as the “look forward” cowardice and silence of Obama’s failure, must not be tolerated or the future will be formed and continued to rot, again influenced by the destructive and criminal past!


Three cheers for Georgia!