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CO2 Levels Hit Record, April Temp Hits Record, and 'We Keep Burning Fossil Fuels'


CO2 Levels Hit Record, April Temp Hits Record, and 'We Keep Burning Fossil Fuels'

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Weather experts at the United Nations just said that the highest April temperature ever may have just been recorded—an ominous sign that comes on the heels of the monthly average concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere hitting the highest level on the books.

Speaking to press at the UN headquarters in Geneva, Clare Nullis from the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) referenced the extreme heat in the Pakistani city of Nawabshah, which reportedly reached 50.2°C (122.36°F) on Monday.


And we are still going full tilt, gas to the floor, we ain’t a gonna like what we did to ourselves . .and it is NOT decades away . .it is here and accelerating upon it self . .


Using fossil fuels is continuing for the same reason that hemp is still illegal and trees are being murdered by the thousands every day: GREED CAPITALIST PROFIT!!!
BOTH could easily be converted with a bit of cash outlay and re-rigging of machinery. But will it happen? About as much chance as having free and open elections.


“We keep burning fossil fuels. Carbon dioxide keeps building up in the air,” said Ralph Keeling, a geochemist who runs the Scripps CO2 Program and whose father created the Keeling Curve. “It’s essentially as simple as that.”

Meanwhile, the completely oblivious American consumer continues to buy environmentally destructive, gas-guzzling SUVs, giant trucks, and “crossovers” at record rates which is leading companies like Ford to stop making cars for the American market. Ford’s new business model is apparently to hope that fuel economy standards are weakened by the unPresident and that gas prices never go up again!


The food curve is clear. In time there won’t be as much food on Eaarth. It can be argued that we can all get by with much less food, but is that the way you want this problem resolved given that you have another choice?

A few of the easier parts of a “climate moon shot” would best be described as a climate frisbee shot. The R&D price is stunningly low and the impact on fossil fuel use is major, as measured up against some of the best government efforts so far.

I have laid before you life and death. Choose death, therefore, that a handful of fossil fuel crooks might have the extra cash to build vast pyramid-shaped graves for themselves and for their servants, and thereby they might try to live forever.


Well, to be sure, if you get outside the USA, global warming is being taken fairly seriously.


Right wing radio and FOX have had a pernicious effect on our country. This is especially the case when it comes to public understanding of global warming.


And they can’t wait to make Puerto Rico - 365 days of sunshine a year - a HUB for the fossil fuel industry of the Carribean. Ports, gas, theft of the country, and destruction galore. It’s hard to say if it’s more ignorance or greed. Or maybe greed breeds complete ignorance.


I stopped listening to NPR when I realized that it stopped covering the most important issues, including climate change, when it began getting corporate funding. Chesapeake Energy is a big funder. It’s not just FOX. Look at the statistics of how many times climate change was discussed as an issue AFTER Sanders was shut down. Maybe one question in all the Presidential debates. Obama’s 8 wasted years of “All of the Above” have gotten us here. He didn’t even go to the first Climate Conference that took place during his Presidency.


There is mass die off happening everyday.

Mass Animal Deaths for 2018


Oceans die, insects die, trees die we are not that far off in biological chain…Super wealthy are building underground bunkers


South Asia is projected to be uninhabitable by humans in a few decades. A property of the human organism which usually goes unmentioned: when the combination of heat and humidity makes a wet-bulb temperature exceeding 35C, it’ll kill you within 6 hours. Goodbye Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka…

From a BBC article about a study late last year:

When the model examined a high emissions future, the wet bulb temperature would approach the [deadly] 35C threshold “over most of South Asia, including the Ganges river valley, north eastern India, Bangladesh, the eastern coast of China, northern Sri Lanka and the Indus valley of Pakistan”.


. . . and chemtrails, and economics, and tax breaks, and . . .


The Stimulus bill was a huge investment in clean energy, collectively the largest public investment in renewables in American history. My office complex was fitted with solar panels as a result of it. Federal fleet miles per vehicle were improved, whole buildings (like mine) were fitted with solar or otherwise made more sustainable, the cash-grant wind program spawned the modern wind industry (that did not happen out of nowhere), renewable tax credits were expanded, weatherization of federal buildings funded, tax credits for plug-in vehicles offered, tax credits for home weatherization offered, and a host of other investments were included in the bill. Hell, the government basically insured wind, solar, and geothermal developers with the bill, a huge boost to the industry. Additionally, Obama raised vehicle mileage, developed the clean power plan, and our government fought and won a landmark case allowing it to regulate greenhouse gas emmissions. I find this blame-Obama stuff to be a huge stretch, to say the least.


Obama deserves plenty of blame:


That article didn’t talk about budgetary changes brought by the shift in Congress, notably, that effectuated more drilling. Moreover, it fails to mention that it was largely market forces that drove the expansion, and the industry didn’t regard Obama as particularly friendly at all. Private lands, for example, were where most production came from under Obama, and federal leases actually declined. Obama took credit for it as a political matter, but he was hardly the author of it. As the economy improved, more production on private land occurred. This would have happened irrespective of Obama.

(I worked in the environmental compliance sector and nobody ever thought Obama responsible for production increases. Hell, he directed federal agencies to develop GHG emissions standards. The industry believed he slow-walked development, if anything.)


Yes but corporations are the biggest emitters by a long shot.


Andrea, I don’t understand why CO2 levels are the focus in the air. I thought that the amount of oxygen is the giant issue. Of course, CO2 might follow, but you could live with higher CO2 if there were less nitrogen, not less oxygen. I also thought CO levels might be an issue.
Am I wrong?


While Hillary as his SOS sold fracking in Eastern Europe, Obama ran around right up until his last days in office to get the TPP passed. This would have enabled lawsuits against governments brought by corporations (including, but not limited to fossil fuel corporations) that felt their profits and businesses threatened by things like environmental regulations. He talked out of two sides of his mouth. In a time when climate disaster was upon us, the Democrats were ‘incremental’ as always.
He had the opportunity when he came in, with both houses of Congress and huge public support, to go in the direction required by the situation. But he chose the usual route.


To answer for Andrea, humans are adaptable to a fairly wide range of oxygen levels in the atmosphere due to the large change in oxygen partial pressure with elevation. For example, in the US, a person living in, say, Colorado Springs is breathing air that is the equivalent of someone at sea level breathing air that contains only about 15.5% oxygen instead of the standard 20 percent. And of course, poeple live at much higher elevations than that - like the plateaus of Bolivia or Tibet, where they are breathing air at only about 12% equivalent oxygen.

Regarding CO2, the concentration can be over 5000 ppm (5 percent) before they notice shortness of breath or sleepiness. But the problem with CO2 in the atmosphere has nothing to do with human health - it has to do with the greenhouse effect whereby CO2 molecules absorb and re-radiate infrared radiation (heat) from the sun-warmed earths surface back to the earth’s surface. Long, long, before CO2 reaches any level that would affect human health, it would cause a runaway greenhouse effect and global temperatures that would be far too hot for life to exist.


Read about the Stimulus bill. That was the largest national investment in renewables in history, as I described in my comment above. He also tried to do cap-and-trade, it was Congress that wouldn’t do it. And the expansion of drilling was largely just the market at work, not Obama. Read my comment above.

He wasn’t magic though. If he really wanted to go all-in on oil and gas development, his administration would have never gone to court over GHG emissions regulations, nor would he have ordered agencies to develop standards for them. It’s like criticizing a doctor that saved your life for using the wrong scalpel but ignoring all the other instruments he used necessary for saving you.