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Coal in, Activists Kept Out at Katowice Climate Talks


Coal in, Activists Kept Out at Katowice Climate Talks

Beatrice Tulagan

All progress made during the first week of climate negotiations in Katowice, Poland was overshadowed by the deportation of at least 12 civil society representatives and the no-holds-barred promotion of the coal industry at the official conference venue. This seems not only ironic and distasteful but a violation of the principles of climate justice, human rights and transparency for a conference supposedly bringing the world together to further climate action.


Last night my wife lamented the fact that we’re around to see the wheels come off in terms of environmental devastation and the ACE (Accelerated Climate/Carbon Emergency). All I could do was hug her close.


Maybe they should stop holding these things in authoritarian countries although finding democratic countries is becoming harder these days.


And O. Hatch just doesn’t care.


Big Coal and now Big Nuke:


Kushner chief of staff !!! I think I feel a little sick.


Sorry natureboy, that should have been a stand alone, not attached to yours.


Okay, I give up. How does a shortage of RTG fuel for deep space missions relate to COP24, or coal, or even the nuclear power portion of the Trump team’s sideshow?


Authoritarian countries? Like France 2015? Exactly the same thing happened there - activists were considered a security threat (how convenient - France had tight security mesures in place at the time), and polluters were able to attend without hindrance.
This Polish COP chinwagging event should be the last. The time for negociation is over. Direct action is now our only hope.


The real threat to National Security…Is National Security.


Ask your boss. Big Nuke should know.