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Coal Kills And Coal Is Not Dead


Coal Kills And Coal Is Not Dead

Jeff Biggers

What’s more mind-boggling than a climate denier—a clean energy denier.

And far from the “coal is dead” trope that well-meaning environmental observers stress now, another fact is that our nation is on track to mine 785 million tons of coal this year. That ain’t dead.


Maybe Jeff Biggers wrote this a while ago, but the tally this year is now 14 dead in coal mines and 10 in metal/stone mines.

The most recent fatality was freakishly identical to one at a different mine in August. A very experienced, but apparently rushed miner working alone, got caught and crushed in a head/tail rollers where one beltline deposits its coal onto the next one outby, and the dead or critically injured miner carried out with the coal. In both cases, the body was not discovered, or the accident even known, until it was dug out of the raw coal pile outside of the mine.


More than two dozen peer-reviewed studies have found an extraordinary human health crisis from mountaintop removal mining, including higher rates of cancer and heart problems.

This comment is the very heart of this report. But then Yunzer veers off in a critique of a factoid that has been poorly placed in this essay, a single sentence that should probably not have been inserted in the first place. Yunzer, are you dense or are you mirroring some personal dislike for Jeff Biggers who otherwise has long term and excellent credentials as a dedicated environmentalist?