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Coal Knew: Explosive Report Shows Industry Was Aware of Climate Crisis as Far Back as 1966

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/11/22/coal-knew-explosive-report-shows-industry-was-aware-climate-crisis-far-back-1966


As Bernie said in he debate, “time to prosecute”!
Of course, since there are two levels of justice in the country, the odds are slim-to-none.


Certainly our government knew because our scientists were telling them –

and the public was told in 1957 – and shown the model of Global Warming on TV –

Our scientists “knew” by the late 1880’s as the Industrial Revolution began –

Reality is that despite the alleged “people’s” government, Our Founders gave Elites
control over our nation’s natural resources for their private property – as we see now
even fresh water all over the world/drinking water is being moved into private hands.

Our National Resources should have been NATIONALIZED long, long ago.


Still no reason to not drag them through the mud. Maybe their maids and gardeners will quit because of it


“It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it.”
― Upton Sinclair,


Anyone over 6 living in Pittsburgh knew it too.


It should have been a no-brainer that burning the fossils of creatures that fed on sunlight would be like increasing the heat from the sun currently. When we used wood and dried animal droppings for fuel, we also gave back to the earth. When we jumped the shark and began to burn things like coal and oil, the remnants of ancient sunlight, we signed our own death warrant. We changed our whole philosophy from being part of Gaia to being a rapist of Gaia, made for domination by homo sap, the whole thing, from plants, animals, “resources”. When done, deus ex machina will swoop down and remake the whole thing for the Saved.


Meanwhile, fossil fuel production and emissions are still rising.
We can sue every fossil fuel company on earth but it’ll be too late.


Unless my 59-year-old memory is failing me, the Weekly Reader covered greenhouse gases and the greenhouse effect in the late 60s and early 70s (elementary school for me)!


The coal industry: we bring black lung disease to the entire planet.


Human beings are now carrying out a large scale geophysical experiment of a kind that could not have happened in the past nor be reproduced in the future.

– Roger Revelle, 1957


The public knew NOTHING…I was born in 1957…IT WAS NOT known through out the CJLTURE …that we had…

Good memory !

I read my first Gilbert Plass article on “Carbon Dioxide and Climate” (1959) while at McGill University in 1970 as part of my 3rd year marine geology course. (Gilbert Plass and CO2)

He did the necessary advanced work on the absorption of CO2 in various layers of the atmosphere, not an easy task. His predictions were and are remarkably accurate to this day.

It wasn’t until 1987 that renowned climate scientist James Hansen felt comfortable enough to testify that the signal had now risen above the noise, however.

In fact I am re-reading James Hansen’s thorough, meticulous and superbly informative book Storms Of My Grandchildren: The Truth About The Climate Catastrophe And Our Last Chance To Save Humanity by James Hansen (2009).

It is well to remember that the big ice cores Ice Core History were only recovered and analyzed in the 1990’s.

By and large, the western world’s citizens are almost scientifically illiterate, and even if one is fluent in science, advanced atmospheric science is tough sledding, especially climate modelling.

Which is why Jim Hansen is so important, along with Wallace Broecker and Richard Alley, to name but a few. These scientists look to paleoclimate for understanding climate sensitivity. This is another tough subject, requiring a lifetime of research to truly understand, and even then there are surprises, because in the past few million years the trigger for ice age/interglacial was insolation change first, then CO2 acted as a positive feedback.

In the Anthropocene, the trigger has been CO2 first - it and the other climate warming triggers precede warming, just the opposite of the natural cycles of the past.

Right now, ballpark, we have exceeded Eemian warmth (last interglacial), and as things stand, unless we intervene - we are looking at twenty some meters of sea level rise over the coming centuries, and that is the easy part.

Our food supply will collapse long before New York is inundated.

Flippant comments are just that when discussing CO2 - this is all right at the cutting edge of science.


Good snark.

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I don’t know whether to curse, be angry or both. NO ONE in the fossil fuel industries can be trusted.

Tom Steyer, running for President, made billions off of the coal industry.


The public was told in 1957 – and shown the model of Global Warming on TV –

That’s true –
That doesn’t mean that everyone in the US saw it or absorbed the message –
and we had then, as we have now, the press ignoring what our scientists were saying –

One excellent example of this is “World Scientists Warning to Humanity 1992” which laid
out everything that needed to be done – and the list still holds up, of course –
covers everything including ending female gender-enslavement around the world.
However, our press/candidates continue to act as though we were inventing the wheel.

You will also note and recognize that by the 1960’s we had a campaign by ExxonMobil in
existence which eventually went over 50 years at a cost of $50 billion - and in large part
was run out of the NY Times on its Op-Ed pages to confuse the public and assure them
that there was nothing wrong with burning fossil fuels.

These ads could NOT be responded to by any means as ruled by the NY Times –
nor challenged, questioned or otherwise rebutted – because they ran as “ad-editorials.”

You’ll also recall that this was at the same time that Americans began to become aware of
“Silent Spring” by Rachel Carson. Which opened some doors to discussions about chemicals
and the harm being done to the environment. And then it was quickly over.

The control of our press by wealthy few who owned networks and still do have prevented the
information about Global Warming from become more commonly known.
Much of the control has been by the CIA and CIA “journalists” here and around the world.
No Oil/No War. See: Operation Mockingbird where Phil Graham was recruited for his social
contacts among the wealthy and other media owners (also a member of Council on Foreign
Relations with his wife, Kathryn) to convince these media heads to accept control over what
they print by the CIA. There are some questions as to whether force was used in the beginning.

Even today we well understand that we cannot respond to Global Warming without ending the
MIC and all of their wars –
IN FACT … and I’ll take this opportunity to relate this story – I happened to see a Town Hall
Meeting one evening last week on C-span, where a female Rep. from Oklahoma/D and very
impressive was taking questions from the audience. One of the last questioners, a women who
was perhaps in her 40’s, quietly asked the Rep. for some help with health concerns for her
daughter who had served in our military. And then these two words popped out –
Hard to believe but seems possible that the US/CIA is still using AGENT ORANGE in their wars.
It’s even more unbelievable when we recall that at the end of Bill Clinton’s two terms, there was peace and a peace dividend.
Colin Powell and Condi Rice who were taking over commented on video that things were so peaceful that if anyone wanted to start a war they would have to invent an enemy.
And they did – “terrorism.”

Here’s a link to “World Scientists Warning to Humanity from 1992” – which comments on
the silence of our press immediately after the press conference –

But I would strongly recommend to anyone who hasn’t read it before to at least scan the
whole list of concerns. And to become aware that this was one of the final warnings –
there had been more informal discussion among citizens, of course – and books –
but this was an attempt to have the public recognize the emergency.

Currently we’re being told that HEMP is on the way – good for the environment, especially
the Ozone layer. And for a long, long, list of other things we use. You can building apartment
buildings with it – you can fashion a shack with it. You can use the oil to run your car.
It makes paper and rope – and many other products.

And it makes wonderful silk-like clothing which women should be calling for –
A blouse made from “rayon” is comfortable winter and summer and in between –
and probably lots more I don’t know about HEMP which is also food.


The estranged public heard whispers during the Carter Administration and not much more until Al Gores " An inconvenient Truth."
Coal companies likely kept mum because they were trying to keep a low profile because of black lung disease.


Thank you – looking up Revelle leads to an interesting trail of others, as well, who
tried to alert the world.


Sure they can !

King Hubbert was an oil man - or better, a geologist.

Not only did he call peak conventional oil way back, but he was a dedicated environmentalist, and saw the CO2 problem also way back. See The Oracle of Oil: A Maverick Geologist’s Quest for a Sustainable Future

As always in life - it is knowing who to trust that is the kicker.