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Coal Leasing and Exports ‘Erases Everything the Obama Administration Is Trying to Do’ on Climate


Coal Leasing and Exports ‘Erases Everything the Obama Administration Is Trying to Do’ on Climate

Joe Smyth

The Washington Post published a front page story today showing how President Obama’s efforts to address climate change are being undermined by federal coal leasing, along with a potential increase in exports of our publicly-owned coal:


"It’s important to recognize that overall, these problems with the coal program have persisted despite the Obama administration, not because of it. At the same time, the fact that Interior Secretary Jewell and others in the Obama administration inherited this mess doesn’t diminish their responsibility to address it."

The same could be said about the inane continuation of foreign wars, continued covert bank bailouts, still operational offshore prison camps, and growth of the prison-industrial population.

From the article:

“It erases everything the Obama administration is trying to do,” said James R. Baca, a former director of the Bureau of Land Management, the Interior Department agency that oversees coal mining on government land. “The president is trying to reduce the use of coal, and these programs are going the opposite way. It doesn’t make any sense.”

Note, too, how the above comment characterizes Obama's foreign policy and so many other stated positions.

Where Bill Clinton mastered the "I feel your pain" false empathy--conveying to constituents that he cared while cutting the very policies that PROVED that caring; Obama says one thing--the feel good sounding prescription; and after these words placate those who "still want to have a reason to believe," he, like Clinton, cuts the very policies (or adds more odious ones) that would make good on his stated intentions.

It must be a new Public Relations meets "Plausible Deniability" manufactured meme hybrid: this offering words of comfort while setting the opposite agenda into motion.

When cognitive dissonance is produced in lieu of honest transmission of facts, how can a population NOT end up drugged out or totally bamboozled?

"Your honor, he said..."

Judge--"I don' care what he said. Did you read the policy, itself?"

"No, your honor. It was off-limits. Held under National Security protocols."