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Coal Power Should Be Relegated to the Ash Heap of History

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/07/25/coal-power-should-be-relegated-ash-heap-history

Jason Kenney (Premier of Alberta) - is a Trump wannabe.

Neo-Conservatives; Neo-Liberals - all toxic - psychopathic misfits.


If “Clean Coal” is so clean, why have so many Coal Miners gotten Black Lung and died from it?


This one is from 2008 when something at a Coal company went wrong. Breached reteneion pond hist a tailings mound - something like that


Carter figured this out, look what happened to him. As long as money rules King Coal is just fine. We need the progressive Dems to assert themselves and tell Biden where it is at. No Kamala etc…

Good luck with that. They are not saying a word except telling us we need to vote for Biden to stop Trump.

David Suzuki is a not a believable spokesperson for conservation.
It is reported that he has about 8 homes in many places in the world.
One in cooperation with an oil company
He spends a lot of time flying around all over the world
Google— how many homes does David Suzuki own?