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Coalition Demands DOJ Investigation of 'Muslim-Free Zones'


Coalition Demands DOJ Investigation of 'Muslim-Free Zones'

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

A coalition of 82 civil liberties and human rights organizations, as well as faith-based groups and immigrant rights advocates, on Tuesday called on the U.S. Department of Justice to investigate the growing number of businesses around the country declaring themselves 'Muslim-free zones.'


There is a whole lot of stupid behind the door of that gun shop.


Gun shop.


Ye Gods! Is there no end to this, Cyn?


If you look back in American history, there has always been demonization of so-called enemies. Native Americans were called savages; American citizens that were perceived as a potential threat to American empire were given the pejorative Reds, then Communists. Then we were given Krauts, Japs, Ragheads, Terrorists, ad nauseum! And this demonization of Muslims tells me somehow the economic, elite perceive Muslims as a potential threat to their American Empire. They use people like these gun shop owners and media whores like Fox News to stir up the emotions and hatred of the ignorant masses.


Didn't the Romans also investigate "Christian free zones"?


I think people make their own decisions based on the way they are raised and educated. Honestly, isn't trying to pin everything on corporations essentially labeling every American as a mindless puppet incapable of any form of self-direction?


It would be astonishing indeed to see these same fools get together and decide to deny service to all the insane twits who murder their fellow Americans and even go so far as to enter public schools to terrorize and murder small children. Instead, they waited until some service men were killed? How perverted is that?


Islam is a variant of Christianity. If you're any type of Christian then you're already 80% Muslim. Otherwise, Islam is a set of ideas. It's hard to stop people from studying ideas, and so it's hard to say for sure that any particular person certainly isn't a Muslim.


I doubt that he is risking much business with the sign he has. The Moslems to worry about don't buy guns at gun shops.


This is quite disconcerting. When bigotry is tolerated to this degree bad things happen and not just to the targeted group. The whole society is damaged and everyone's life is cheapened.


Muhammad (pbuh) considered Muslims, Jews and Christians as "People of the Book," descended from Abraham.
* All three have lived together in peace throughout the world. When one group plots against this peace for their own gain, it doesn't take too long for it to fall apart.
* I lived for a while in a primarily Islamic country where, in the town I lived in, there was a mosque, an Orthodox Christian church, a Methodist church and an Indian temple right at one intersection. Down the street was a Shaolin temple and a synagogue. No problems with any of them. Nods and smiles on the way to worship.
* I hope it is still that way.


Go ahead and ban this if you must, but if you do so please also ban white straight male free "safe spaces" as well if you want to be consistent.


Is it "bigotry" when white straight men are banned from certain spaces?


Islam is an idea not a race. It is contemptuous of democracy and individual freedom, demeans all women, and exalts a man who had sex with a nine-year-old girl.


If you have been raised in the U.S. you have been politically, brainwashed. Almost everything you have been taught about American history has been either a half truth or a bald faced lie in schools, including college. Howard Zinn's American history book being one of the exceptions. The reason I can unequivocally say this I was one of those people.I was a mindless political puppet because I believed in American exceptionalism. I would hesitate to label most Americans as mindless political puppets I think mislead and facile would be a kinder words.


Scapegoating, the age old mechanism used by tptb to effectively project their wrongs, removing focus from them while dividing and ruling.
It's a tragedy people still fall willingly into this trap.


saskatch: I can't thank you enough for the "Reel Bad Arabs" link. It was the best fifty minutes that
I spent today. Now all that I have to do is read Orientalism by Edward Said, and I'm on my way.


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After hearing about Wesley Clark's comments regarding internment camps for Muslim radicals and others, as well as the anti-immigrant sentiment going around, I am beginning to understand how "the Good Germans" must have felt. Now that people are aware of what is happening, what can be done before it is too late?
After we have seen the stripping of Habeus Corpus and indefinite detention and torture come to pass, as well as the surveillance state and militarized police, what is left to be done?