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Coalition Dropping US-Made Cluster Bombs on Yemen


Coalition Dropping US-Made Cluster Bombs on Yemen

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

The Saudi-led bombing campaign against rebels in Yemen is using U.S.-supplied cluster munitions, endangering civilians and violating an international arms treaty, Human Rights Watch warned on Sunday.


I do recall the outrage that Quaddafi was claimed to be using these weapons in Libya as expressed by the Western Nations.

I grow sick to death of their hypocrisy.

Now it was later found those claims he was using cluster munitions were false yet members of HRW called for the overthrow of the Government of Libya under the “responsibility to protect”.

So now that it the USA through its proxies in Saudi Arabia doing the same what will HRW do?


Great, now we have George Carlin’s brown people bombing other George Carlin’s brown people for white people’s profits. MIC! MIC! MIC!


We have no morals or honor. From fire bombing whole cities and nuking women and children, to napamling entire countrysides. Providing chemical weapons to wage a proxy war, and then abetting the murder of our surrogate. Our biggest export is destruction. Weaponized and economic. We eat our own too. JFK,RFK, MLK, Wellstone, Tillman. I’m sure their are many more.


The empire has an insatiable appetite for blood. Congress critters can’t count the bribe money fast enough. The Supremes are burying the Constitution deeper at every opportunity. Obama can’t remember one lie from another.

The global blow back will be fierce if the planet survives the incredible stupidity of the US government.


every type of bomb leaves somebodies babies dead.