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Coalition Objects to 'Profoundly Inappropriate' Trump Plan to Accept GOP Nomination at 'Hallowed' Gettysburg Battlefield

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/11/coalition-objects-profoundly-inappropriate-trump-plan-accept-gop-nomination-hallowed

What does it tell you about a person when they constantly try to piss people off?


Bone spurs and the horror of aII the dead bodies at Gettysburg do not mix!


“And this time the South won!” – The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show.


Hey, if he wants to re enact Pickett’s charge, who am I to stop him?


Why is the Battlefield “hallowed”?

Is there something holy about people slaughtering one another? Is it a sacred act?

The fact that citizens of the USA slaughtered one another by the thousands on that day should be a shameful thing.

Really, I can not think of a battlefield on this Earth that I would consider “hallowed”.


Trump took an escalator down to announce his run for the 2016 campaign. For history’s sake, set up his podium in low ground. Convince him it was his idea. There are lots of vantage points higher. Always think outside of the box.

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He could do a Raygun and announce his acceptance in another Philadelphia. As in Mississippi. That would thrill his Base to no end. Forty year anniversary!

The irony of a “free” America with NSA spying on Americans every day 24/7 …

and headed up by a President who is too genius of a criminal for anyone to catch – ?

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What’s wrong with Disneyland?


Has anyone remarked yet on rumpdump’s REASONS (his handlers’ reasons) for wanting to use the Gettysburg battlefield as a backdrop for his idiot speech? What exactly do they believe themselves to be expressing by means of Gettysburg imagery? Is this some kind of teary-eyed nostalgia about the South? I bet it’s just another cheesy episode by Stephen Miller. The goddamn ruling class has zero integrity, zero intelligence, zero culture, zero moral compass.


Narcissistic Lunatic!

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Another tacky move from the dangerous brand Trump. Surely, he is no Lincoln. Not even close.

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I am not sure the First Nations consider Wounded Knee or Plymouth Rock hollowed ground but they are certainly reminders for their collective mourning.

A super max prison cell would be an appropriate venue to accept the gop nomination, an orange prison suit would be an acceptable look for the preening ass-hole in chief.

Which is perhaps how Americans should feel about another Trump Presidency.

He’s pretending to be Jeff Daniels playing Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain at Little Round Top, shouting “BAYONETS!” as antifa throws water balloons.

It is too late to keep the Racial Bigot from besmirching our Beautiful National Parks.

He has already Defiled & Desecrated the People’s scared Public Property when he held a Disgusting, Distasteful Political Rally at Mount Rushmore.

I would not mind so much if the Man showed some appreciation for our Beautiful National Parks, but he has demonstrated time and time again contempt for our Parks by constantly ignoring the Endangered Species Act and putting Fossil Fuel executives in charge of the Environmental Protection Agency.

The Man is a Disaster who is single-highhandedly attempting to destroy the Beautiful Parks we set aside for ALL Americans to enjoy, and not for Corporations to Rape and Plunder for Profit.

It is bigger than him. Not many are happy at this prospect who will be voting against him but another 4 years of Trump is too dangerous for our collective survival, let alone thriving. I am very certain of what I write. Why we are in this damn situation? Why have US Americans forgotten their radical past not all that long ago? Why have they not engaged in total non cooperation but waited for SARS-CoV-2 to do it? Why so fearful?

Did they tell us the motivation for Trump tear-gassing and rubber bullet blasting of
peaceful demonstrators in Lafayette Park so that Trump could wave a BIBLE around?

Can we guess Trump’s reason for building a wall to keep Mexicans and others from
South and Central America, etal whose lives the US/CIA has so seriously damaged?

Looks like “Reds under beds” doesn’t work anymore –

Racism still does, sadly –

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