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Coalition Objects to 'Profoundly Inappropriate' Trump Plan to Accept GOP Nomination at 'Hallowed' Gettysburg Battlefield

Because that is the way Americans are brainwashed. The glorification of wars are part of the Amerkan DNA!

Yeah, but what a great place to say: " THERE WERE GOOD PEOPLE ON BOTH SIDES!"

He’s pulling a coded message to his followers by using as a backdrop the site of the temporary defeat of the “good” (in their eyes) at the hands of the “bad” (anti racists). This is from the racist playbook, just like Reagan at Philadelphia, Mississippi. Trump is feeding meat to his racist base. Next up, watch him easily move to the left of Biden and the corrupt DP and steal the populist vote with a few choice populist proposals: UBI, Medicaid expansion, foreclosure moratorium, debt moratorium?

Hi SuspiraDeProfundis:
I think that if people actually looked at pictures ivi War [ictures of the bodies piIed up and bIoating Iike holiday baIIoons-------then maybe they would never, ever say the word "haIIowed, " ever again. : (