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Coalition of Over 500 Faith Leaders Demand Utility Shutoff Moratorium During Pandemic

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/30/coalition-over-500-faith-leaders-demand-utility-shutoff-moratorium-during-pandemic

To date several states have enacted shutoff and late fee moratoriums, however, neither the US Congress or any of those states have provided any direct CARES money or other financial assistance money to utilities.

In view of the high number of customers who will never catch up on their utility bills, unless gubmits provide some financial assistance to utilities, ratepayers will see their rates increase more than they otherwise would have.

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How many of these faith leaders were white Evangelicals?

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On the bright side, so many people are going to be evicted in the next few weeks that they may as well say “fuck it” and not bother paying their utilities. Look for Trumptowns under freeway overpasses near you – I’m investing in some nice tarps, and by investing, I mean stealing them from construction sites.


People, people, this is not what capitalism is all about. We must follow the example J.P. Morgan set when Nikola Tesla was about to give the world free energy, turn off the lights, and cut off the money. /s

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OMG!! But that’s socialism!