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Coalition Seeks to Counter 'Perfect Storm' of Voter Discrimination on Election Day


Coalition Seeks to Counter 'Perfect Storm' of Voter Discrimination on Election Day

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

As the United States embarks on its first presidential election in 50 years without a fully operable Voting Rights Act (VRA), a coalition of close to 90 voting and civil rights groups is calling on state election officials to ensure that no one is disenfranchised at the ballot box on November 8.


Unfortunately, if all citizens were free to vote in the coming election, Clinton would still be crowned.
The election is rigged; but the ballot box plays a minor role.


Well that's a relief.


This is why we needed International Observers for our election process. But no, we can't have that because observers might "influence" our elections with their immoral ideas and "foreign" attitudes about democracy.

All you Hillarybots better be looking for them Russkies outside your polling places, and you Trumpites better be purging everyone with the last name of "Williams", "Smith" or "Rodriguez" from the voter rolls because they might all be the same person!

November 8th is going to be a circus. Any polling place without a paper ballot that can be corroborated with the electronic count should be automatically invalidated. Trump is wrong about almost everything but on this one he's right. The election is rigged. It's been rigged ever since the first elections and it continues to be rigged to this day.


As soon as the east coast pundits announce Hillary the winner, early like they do, the entire west coast should them vote Green.


Damn, give it up. Not everything is All About Race. This is one of those things. I know, this makes the issue a little more complicated, but that's the way life is.

The photo ID requirement disproportionately effects (drum roll, please) those without drivers' licenses/state photo IDs. This primarily targets the poor, the elderly, and the disabled who live outside the major urban areas, the majority of whom are white. Many (most) of these don't have drivers' licenses (cars, fuel, insurance are very costly). To get the required photo ID, they are directed to the nearest DMV, which can be 30-40 miles from where they live. Many have no way to get there, and they therefore lose their right to vote.

Free photo IDs were made available (I don't know if they still are), and those who live in cities have only needed to walk or take a city bus to the nearest DMV to obtain one.


We go through the same thing with every election, and it's obvious that there are those in both of the two major parties who have reason to claim anything that shows the illegitimacy of our elections. NO measures will satisfy, and whichever party loses will spend the following years declaring that the election was stolen. One side shouts about voter suppression, the other about fraud by voters, etc., etc., etc.

We are faced with a contest between two candidates who are deeply opposed by much of their own voting bases. Those who oppose Trump won't vote for Clinton, and those who oppose Clinton won't vote for Trump. Who knows how this will all turn out? And considering how the electoral college works, would it matter?


You are wrong, apparently unaware of how much of the Dem voting base deeply opposes H. Clinton and the Clinton wing of the Dem Party. We saw the Clinton Dems wipe out the Great Society and begin similarly phasing out the New Deal (started with targeting the disabled). Bill Clinton signed on to NAFTA, and before launching her campaign, H. Clinton was working hard on selling the TPP to Congress. Step by step, turning the US into just another third world labor state. Now add in H. Clinton's decades-long record of support for military aggression.

Much of the Dem voting base began opposing the Clinton agenda back in the 1990s. They rejected the Clinton wing in 2000, rejected it again in 2008, and even more reject it in 2016. The Dem Party bosses knew this all along, so why did they go ahead with another Clinton run for office?


The voter suppression laws, and that is what they are, occur almost entirely in states with larger Black populations under Republican control. You do not find such laws in states with overwhelmingly White populations. Poor Whites in West Virginia don't face such laws.


Her points are well made. B Williamson, resident jackalope of the Last Reservation, er...The DLC, I mean, strikes out in fear. Then, simply strikes out... 15 times, like the Cubs did last night. This discrimination against the poor, disabled and eldey was covered on an NPR segment this week. Sorry, Williamson, you lose again, as usual.


You must be kidding. Who do you think would win? Jill Stein? She is my choice but her chances are less than slim.


Dang You! Dang you all! Then again there is a real world out there.


It's about race and class. Voter ID Laws disproportionately affect blacks and other minorities, along with the poor white, young voters, and the elderly--populations that lean Democratic.

From the Washington Post, of all places:
Getting a photo ID so you can vote is easy. Unless you’re poor, black, Latino or elderly.

This 2014 GAO report on the topic is worthy of a perusal, too:
Issues Related to State Voter Identification Laws