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Coalition Urges Everyone to Join Movement Supporting Sanders to Secure a 'Feminist Future'

I’m not sure Joe could lay any lower without grass growing over top of him.

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Sure, support a man who may not have thrown Tulsi under the bus but did sit silently on it as a passenger. She who gave up her position in the DNC to support him in 2016 and now suffers for it. She, who even now, pens opinion on The Hill in his defense. The sniveling coward who refuses, time and time again, to fight for her place in the debate every time the the DNC changes the rules to omit her. FU Bernie and FU Democratic Party. I left the party in 1988 after they used racial soft propoganda to kneecap Jesse Jackson’s campaign only to feel deja Vu all over again 40 years later in their treatment of Tulsi. I am now dedicated to urging Tulsi to run as an independent and tear the Democratic Party to the ground.



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OK but where were these people and JJ 4 weeks ago? Playing fucking games?



Geeze this article is by, for and about about women’s/feminist issues on the eve of National Women’s Day during National Women’s Month and not about Jessie Jackson’s endorsement, nor about Uncle Toms in Congress nor about anything else except a call by feminists to all progressives and others to support Bernie over Biden (against Trump).


I don’t think you even read the article nor did others I guess.

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sadly, her draw is far too small to impact from the outside, but I agree with your point about Sanders not doing the right thing and fighting for her right to be in the debate since she met the standard.

Most disappointing is all the female grievers that are lamenting the loss of women candidates without ever acknowledging her existence. THe same thing they did with Stein 4 years ago.

In the end, the only identity that really seems to matter to anyone with an opinion is those stupid two letters, and the hypocrisy is thicker than sludge.


Chill Phred, you won’t be any good to Bernie down the stretch, if you pop a vein now.

It’s all good.

If you’re feeling anxious, try a little Medicinal Cannabliss. It’s good for that sort of thing.


Do ya mean, Dand R?

Sadly, I believe so.

Labels they brand themselves for life, that comes with a set of “blinders” included at no charge. Only allows them to see the actions of the party’s which have some positive impact, and prevents them from seeing the negatives (wars, corporate servitude, wasteful spending, rigged elections.) That sort of thing.

How did the DNC celebrate International Women’s Day? By barring the only woman still in the race and the first woman of color since Shirley Chisholm to win delegates from the debate. Has the Democratic Party fought to end the Hyde Amendment…NO. Are you receiving equal pay by law…NO. Free child care…NO. Free health care…NO. What has the Democratic Party ever done for you that deserves your loyalty?


Perhaps they were waiting as Liz has, for the best opportunity for herself. It happens in every election to someone or some group. Let’s take what we can get and run with it. I expect other fence sitters are going to step as well.

As far as female intelligence goes, my wife is very intelligent and could run most anything with decent training. We just need to look at the women leaders and past leaders to know of their capabilities.
And if we can see to it that everyone who wants learn has the opportunity, we will be so smart as a nation that the rats will start jumping ship, and we will be left with the unselfish to run things.

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But the question remains.

btw, I certainly did my share (and ran my share!) and a lot of other peoples too, in my 20’s. But that was a long long time ago, in a Galaxy far far away.

Not only is the late political play a fatally bad move, but it may in fact be the demise of every singly public interest group in north America, if not the human race in general. No wonder these groups get so little support from the public, they are clueless. Maybe they are run by Eric Prince’s spies, i don’t know. They wouldn’t endorse Sanders unless it looked like he was going to lose I guess, despite his colossal and consistent record.

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Women in the West, on average, fare better than men in nearly every area relevant to well-being: in longevity, health, health care spending (even after accounting for maternal and reproductive care), education, homelessness, suicide, alcoholism, drug addiction, favoritism in the criminal justice system, reproductive rights (for all the wrongful assailing of women’s rights in this regard, men of course have no reproductive rights), violent crime victimization, and in the U.S. thanks to mass incarceration and its use as a coercive tool, even wrt rape (according to Human Rights Watch, Prison Watch, and feminist icon Hanna Rosin).

In all these areas and more women do better, often far better than men–in fact, in the U.S. women routinely do better than men than whites do compared with blacks. Take education, where misandry trumps racism in how black women are significantly more likely to go on to higher education than white men, or in the criminal justice system where favoritism, most to least, runs white women, black women, white men, black men.

Or are we going to be dishonest about all this?

Maybe you missed the point of many of these comments. They bring to light the basic fact that, if the feminists coalition doesn’t rise up and work in concert with all the other democratic coalitions, all their causes are lost, as Trump is openly hostile to them, and Biden just doesn’t give a shit.


You are right about Tulsi and we all need to call Bernie out on this.

Phone number of Sanders office:
(202) 224-5141
(802) 862-0697

Her sacrifice on Bernie"s account should not go to the wayside. Thank you for your post and she would make a good VP. I appreciate her stand against wars of regime change but she needs to be persuaded that we also need to stop ALL wars which includes her support for the “war on terror”.

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Another number to call is his actually campaign office but I did get through the D.C. office.

(802) 862-1505

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True, but he could have grabbed is about a month sooner

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Well, people certainly are not getting those things anywhere else.
Please don’t refer to M4ALL as free healthcare. There is no such thing.

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