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Coca-Cola Asks: How Stupid Are You, Really?


Coca-Cola Asks: How Stupid Are You, Really?

Mark Morford

It’s a pertinent question, sadly: Just how dumb are you, average American? How gullible, how blindly trusting of corporate double-speak, of murky science, the idea that companies famous for making drinks that burn rust off your car really care about your health?

If you’re the Coca-Cola company (or the NRA, or Monsanto, or RJ Reynolds, or Taco Bell, et al), the answer is: Very. You are very stupid. Still. Now and forever. They are counting on it.


For a time the desk where I worked was shoved up against and faced the resident environmentalist (that was his official capacity and duty) and we used to go round and round about “the lowest common denominator” “wisdom” of the market and the media. Obviously very intelligent (he was working on his PhD in Environmental Science for crying out loud) it frustrated me to no end that he could not see that it mattered which came first, the chicken or the egg.


Missing from an otherwise solid satire is the role played by Corn Syrup in the obesity epidemic.

Sugar and corn syrup were not always components of things like pastas and basic cereal products. Now they are added to everything!

Coke is hardly the only culprit (although the stuff takes like poison to me). During my last year of college I worked as a Howard Johnson waitress and I actually contemplated NOT serving ice cream sundaes (typically along with, get this, “Diet coke”) to very fat people since in my own mind I considered the “act” that of being an “accessory to a crime.”

Living in the Deep South I see tremendous numbers of morbidly obese people. This kind of fat is not found in NYC or L.A. to such pervasive extents.

I think the idea of baking cakes to celebrate church picnics and family occasions is a HUGE factor. A lot of these church-going women take probably their only joy and pleasure from baking cakes for after church get-togethers. They get lots of “strokes” from the congregation and the weight matter is not discussed. Therefore, being quite fat becomes socially acceptable rather than viewed as unhealthy.

I also have noticed that obesity is starting MUCH younger and when kids get the “fatty” stigma from grade school, only the most self-disciplined and brave typically finds their way back to a svelte body. The stigma can hold (and sting) for life.


If you’re the Coca-Cola company (or the NRA, or Monsanto, or RJ Reynolds, or Taco Bell, et al), the answer is: Very. You are very stupid. Still. Now and forever. They are counting on it.

The did not come to those conclusions lightly. They have researched extensively. People’s thought processes, by and large, are not about to rise above the bullshit box any time soon.


Hailing from Atlanta, GA, “Coke’s” birthplace, I have to say this: while in the city (ITP to those who know the area), I have seen far fewer morbidly obese people than in the semi-rural area where I currently live. In Atlanta, I see people out every day, jogging, biking, hiking or walking the dog. The people in Atlanta, in my opinion, are some of the most beautiful and fit people I have ever seen. They are also better educated, more image conscious, have access to fresh farmer’s market produce and health food markets. (I doubt they drink much Coke - or Pepsi!)
On the other hand, “in the sticks” I where currently live - it’s like night and day. Morbidly obese people are about half of the population. There are also a lot of people missing teeth.
Until I moved to this Podunk I had never heard of a “fried Twinkie.”
I think that corn syrup and basically “corn everything” plus larger portion sizes and the convenience of fast food are contributing to the epidemic. As well as more sedentary lifestyles.
I have family who buy into all the propaganda in advertising. They think McDonald’s is wholesome and nutritious food! I think education and susceptibility to marketing has a lot to do with it as well. It reflects in the fact the people in the area I live still think President Obama is a Muslim/Communist/foreigner.


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One problem is of course that the Media makes its money from advertising and “News Stories” have become indistinguishable from advertising.

Some years ago FOX news had reporters that were investigating BGH being used in Milk cows in the USA and these reporters concluded BGH harmful to health. They were fired before FOX would broadcast their story and lost a subsequent court case where the judge ruled FOX under no obligation to report facts.

CNN recently announced a new department that would present ads in the way of “news stories” as if this something new given they have done this for decades and more,As such the Public is becoming isolated from the facts and this is being done with the help of the Government which has also been co-opted by the advertising dollar as made evident by the legislation on GMO labeling.

One of the few remaining sources accessible to Americans are public libraries or the internet but these too are being “privatized” and remodeled so as to serve the desire of the Corporations. It becomes harder and harder for people to get the facts without a lot of work and the FACT that Macdonalds is losing money and closing franchises because more and more people are concernerd about what being fed them shows to me that the Citizen is STILL trying to inform themselves in spite of it all.


The time where people most susceptible to being “conditioned” to eat certain sources of “food” is when they are just out of puberty and entering thier teen years. This is the time where all those synpases are wired up so that the mind tells the body it craves those types of foods even as the body does not want ot need it.

If children start poor eating habits at that age it very very hard to reverse as they get older.

When I was still a Conservative party supporter way back in my younger years my older Socialist firend kept telling me that advertising should be banned especially that which targetted children. He insisted no ADS should be allowed on Television or the radio until late at night when children not as subject to them. I thought then that it all rather draconian to suggest as much.

I have come to the conclusion that he was very right.


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wait a minute. you mean its bad to drink something that can dissolve a quarter into tiny bubbles? say it isnt so! lol. how do we know they REALLY removed the COCA from Coca-cola? that means its all been a warm up for the air america/bush family/Whore on Drugs and we are addicts from the get go. i need my partially hydrogenated gmo canola oil based corn syrup fix NOW!!


I thought I was the only person who changed his mind when confronted with new evidence. Good for you. This is a rare and valuable ability.


As one of my cousins stated in a recnet conversation “Politics has become too much like a religion where ones beliefs are premised on faith and conditioning rather than the evidence”