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'Code for Massive Cuts': Audio Shows GOP Sen. Joni Ernst Telling Donors She Wants 'Changes' to Medicare, Medicaid

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/02/14/code-massive-cuts-audio-shows-gop-sen-joni-ernst-telling-donors-she-wants-changes


1 trillion plus spent on the Military. Russia spends 60 billion and made recent cuts.

The Pentagon has proposed scrapping 6 Naval vessels that costs some 4+ billion to build and are only 6 years old because they not suited to the job. They want them replaced with something more expensive and more “advanced”.

Yet helping poor people is “out of control” even as the poor get poorer and the rich get richer while candidates for President from the Democrats voice the same nonsense as they try to appeal to “Republicans” ?

These people are pathetic but hey they are Christians! I mean Jesus was all for more Military spending when he was complaining that feeding the poor loaves and fishes was “out of control” wasn’t he?


This horrible woman has many parallels to the horrible Hillary. Is there an evil laboratory producing these hideous robots then foists them on us every few years. They pop up to convince the oligarchs that everything is still in the bag. No doubt about it they are determined to get our retirement and Medicare. Pelosi and Schumer are waiting in the wings to hand it over.



Currently, social security has low administrative costs.
Does have very high disability claims due to single parent homes where parent tries to have a child or children rated as slow. And others.
If privatized, various financial management firms and individuals would be hired to invest workers contributions. They would be paid fees, percentages, etc. I notice that Illinois needs to earn about 8% to keep their pension plan on track. Hard to find investments paying out this percentage.

Oh!, Oh!, we found a guy who will - but never pays back - Trump.

What about the trillions that Bush. Obama and Trump have given to the top 1% in tax breaks and even tax credits? What about trillions more wasted by the pentagon, the healthcare for those who can afford it industry, trillions more for bank bailouts etcetera. These fat pig politicians are stuck in the 19th century thought process, they fail to realize that we the people have caught on to their smoke and mirror wizardry.


And…when given the chance, the rubes of Iowa will line up en masse and re elect this witch.
Hey, they were dumb and mean enough to elect her in the first place. As long as poor people of color suffer slightly more than them, the imbecilic white people of Iowa will accept any cuts to social spending.


Republican Sen. Joni Ernst of Iowa told donors at a fundraiser in Washington, D.C. last March that federal spending on non-discretionary programs like Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security is “out of control” and will require “changes” in the future.

More proof that the Republican Party needs to be destroyed before people like Joni destroy us all! No Joni, what is out of control is THE $738 BILLION IN MILITARY SPENDING!


So…military spending is not “out of control”?!
FUCK THE “owned” u.s. government!!!


I agree, they are not Christians, they call themselves Christians in order fool a lot of people. They are really: PATHETIC, BIBLE,TRUMPING,CHRISTIAN,FASCISTS!


Did Ayn Rand secretly clone herself before kicking the bucket?


Yes Big Bob. I always enjoy your comments. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!

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Ayn Rand was nearly penniless at the end of her life and accepting Social Security and Medicare benefits. So much for “objectivism”, the f*****g hypocrite.


$738 Billion? You way understate the total amount of Militarization Industry spending by the Federal Government.


Beware of politicians who talk about ‘Reform’ of Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security. None of them ever talk about ‘Reform’ of Militarization spending.

Also beware of politicians who talk about ‘The Middle Class’ and never define what they mean. It is a great catch-all phrase that lots of the gullible working classes think means them when it does not.


Thanks again.

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I know! But she is a hero/propeht to many in the GOP ----remember Paul Ryan?

"Ryan is an avowed disciple of the writer/ philosopher Ayn Rand, and has declared in public that Rand is "the reason I got involved in public service.
Good grief, she’s back. She died in 1982, but someone neglected to drive a stake through her heart. A passion for the prose and philosophy of Ayn Rand tells us a great deal about an individual, none of it good. There are few surer signs of a poor reader, a poor thinker and an unpleasant person than a well-thumbed copy of Atlas Shrugged or The Fountainhead "

excerpt from: ttps://indyweek.com/news/right-wing-worship-ayn-rand/

Eventually all of these soul-less beings devoid of any empathy, compassion or wisdom will eventually suffer due to human caused climate chaos which they will deny until their last breath. Unfortunately they are bringing down all life on this miraculous planet.


Thank you for the correction, very true.


Oh that last paragraph was sarcasm.

It is ok Joni, we want changes in the Senate as well. We also want changes for Medicaid (strengthen as intended in the original entitlement) and regulation of healthcare costs including pharmacy. You know real world stuff.

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Social Security and Medicare are self funding through payroll deductions and operate currently with a surplus. Projected shortfalls can be easily paid for by increasing the cap, but these are projections and hardly an urgent problem.

I 2008 the Federal Reserve provided $16.7 trillion to bankers engaged in fraud. In 2008 the US GDP was $14.5 trillion. This was followed by more giveaways labelled “quantitative easing” or QE. Because the dollar is no longer backed by gold this money is created by the Fed on a computer keyboard, without even reaching the Fed’s inflation target of 2%. Knowing this, no one should ever take Conservative claims of a debt crisis seriously because all US debts can be paid the same way.

The real problem with this country is military spending, which is completely out of control and associated foreign policy which has succeeded only in killing millions of people and making millions more destitute refugees. Eisenhower warned us to stop this atrocious behavior, but is has not stopped.