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'Code for Massive Cuts': Audio Shows GOP Sen. Joni Ernst Telling Donors She Wants 'Changes' to Medicare, Medicaid

Yes indeed. Social security is self funded at 3% of costs. You can’t beat that.


That was exactly what I thought.

Yep. Regime change is needed right here in the US America. And let her take her system of exploitation and militarism with her.


Senator “Pig Testicles” wants to cut mine off.

How about massive cuts in Senator’s benefits?


Joni is a butcher of non-human and human animals. She made campaign ads showing her cutting the testicles off of pigs.
Her callous ghoulishness is also evidenced by her proud service as a war criminal in the Empire’s illegal war against Iraq.
Unfortunately, the Trump/GOP cult that supports her sees butchery and war criminality as admirable, and they won’t realize it’s their cherished social programs she’s butchering until it’s too late for them to do anything about it.
Iowa should have one senator and two electoral college votes.

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When are the fucking Republicans gonna learn to leave Medicare & SS ALONE. Every time you hear “reform” you better grab your SS and Medicare cards, your wallet AND your ass. These two programs are the most loved and successful programs in American history for the masses. Leave the god damn things ALONE. And, fuck the so called “advantage” programs, they are just a back door way to completely privatize Medicare.


Same old story. Conservatives inherited, worked hard for, or connived their upper class wealth. They have never been okay with the down trodden getting help, especially free help. But tax free corporations to invest in, different story.
When dealing with conservatives also know that hypocrisy is their main talent followed closely by greed.



or more accurately the hypocritical self-righteous infliction of punishments (whether systemic or extra-legal) against people they feel “deserve” it.

never-mind that having the wrong skin tone qualifies in their minds… never-mind that being attracted to the wrong person does as well… and goddess help you if you happen to be one of those gender transgressive people that thumbs their nose at socio-cultural expectations of gender expression.

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You must remember right-wingers especially Republican Americans have always been too stupid to actually fix a problem. Crash of 1929 - Republicans ran things and nothing improved until a Democrat took office. Crash 2008 - Republicans ran things (into ground). Today idiots cheer cheer Trump’s economy (he’s created jobs they bellow) but nowhere near as many as Obama. The blight of evangelical Republicans could be eliminated from the mix by simply changing the elections to 1 person 1 vote and making voter suppression and gerrymandering criminal offices with lengthy jail terms.

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That will take all three branches of government, while state governments would continue to lag.
We’re pretty much screwed otherwise.
The funny part is that these ignorant trump voters will go down with us.

Like LOTR’s smeagol falling into the fires of Mount Doom. He got his ring and was in ecstasy as he fell to his death.

You are kinder than I usually am, Shantiananda!

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Yes. The replicant is named Alan Greenspan.


This is such a great example of why the corporate Dems Diversity movement is such a failure and will destroy the Party. People are the same regardless of plumbing or skin color. Religion makes them crazy. Thinking you just have to elect a woman…no you have to elect progressive people. Australia is controlled by a woman coal barron who is like Koch here. Only worse. There is a gene that makes people selfish and it is independent of race or sex. Just look and you can see. The Unions made sure there was no discrimination in the work place. The job you applied for paid a certain rate no matter who you were and it was posted for all to see. The death of the Unions was the death of the Party and the movement towards economic equality. It has been replaced by nonsense about equal bathrooms and electing people like themselves regardless of their positions. Like HRC running on its time for a woman as opposed to the issues.

This isn’t just poor people. This is everyone that doesn’t have sufficient funds for retirement without Social Security and Medicare. The “poor” part is Medicaid which actually covers most people when they are no longer able to care for themselves.

Really? Is that why we have the president we have?


It is as if it is a deadly sin to try to mitigate the suffering of others. The Party of No is consistently picking at scabs to see if they can perhaps get a little more blood from the wounded. Ghouls and vampires tread the halls of the nation’s capitol!

For eons the GOP Inc. has been wanting to take over the Social Security and medicare programs. They know those programs are well funded and we’ll managed. To them both social security and Medicare are milking cows with huge profit potential. These corporations are the enemy of America, not Russia or Socialism or China and Iran. Since Reagan there taken over our telecommunications, airwaves, public utilities and killed all government regulations. Look where we are now decades later. We are far worse off in every category because “free market” has fails us miserably. For decades they’ve said " let the markets decide" the market being the fucking obese pig elites raking in every penny out of the poor, the young the old and everyone in the middle. They think they are smarter and superior because we keep trusting them again and again like heroin addicts and the drug dealer.

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All Republicans are evil. She is a evil, wicked woman.

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Just a reminder…remember Obama’s Grand Bargain and Cat Food Commission? It’s not just Repukes who are after OUR Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid…there are “Democratic” wolves at the door also.

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When these elected assholes talk about public service they mean the same way a bull services a cow. Bear that in mind next time you hear some candidate asking for your vote.