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CodePink Defends Georgia Senate Candidate Raphael Warnock After GOP Opponent's 'Anti-Semitism' Smear

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/11/10/codepink-defends-georgia-senate-candidate-raphael-warnock-after-gop-opponents-anti


The Gross Old Party will stoop to any means necessary to diminish any win by the Dems. Kitty Kelley said it best: When they can’t attack you personally; they get their friends to do it for them.


Right on to Code Pink! Opposing oppression is not anti-Semitism.


It is AOK to criticize Israel policies, laws, politicians.
It is AOK to resist zionism.
These two are open to be disputed.

It is NOT OK to criticize the religion.

The georgia senator, Kelly Loeffler, will continue to provide Georgia voters every possible demeaning remark she or her staff can make up. Is there enough education there to laugh at her election season lies?


And when we say we are anti-trump occupation of the White House, it doesn’t mean we are anti-American.


I find it incredulous that states consistently come up with two or three million votes and somehow it ends up 10, 20, or 30 thousand votes apart.
Once in a while perhaps, but this often baffles me.

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Like Republicans in general, Loeffler cannot win in an honest race based on issues, record, and character.

So she has to deal in lies and smears.


The article states that:

" Accusing critics of Israel or Zionism of anti-Semitism or in the case of Jewish detractors, of ‘self-loathing’—is a common tactic used by officials and supporters of the Israeli government to quash legitimate dissent."

And one can imagine the uproar and hysteria if one had the temerity to question an historical event like the Holocaust as cries of neo-Nazi! and anti-Semite! would echo throughout the land.

So, will this be another case of the Left eating its own leg, or will we not fall for the baseless charges this time. I would like to think that those in Georgia who have already, and will again, voted for Warnock will see the reality and stay strong.


Further, saying we are anti trump, and then voting for Biden, does not mean we think Biden is the president we need at this critical moment in time.


Republican embrace of hatred in all of it’s forms seems to be their whole reason for being.

Love for one another will prevail in the end.

Pray the end is near.

And pray the Judas-Goat in the White House is nearing the end of his rope.

Anti-Semitism is being opposed to that which is Jewish out of bigotry, hatred of Jews per se. It is foul to pretend to know and assert that someone is motivated by that horrible bigotry.

A accusation of anti-Semitism should not be made without the strong proof that such a heinous charge requires, else that accuser should consider themself foul, and an unworthy manipulator of the real problem of anti-Semitism.


This is exactly what Right Wing Israeli apartheid tyrants did to Jeremy Corbyn when he was running to become the Prime Minister of England.

They twisted his truthful criticism of Israel into labeling him an Anti-Semite.

Very cleaver of those Zionists that are keeping Millions of Palestinians living under brutal conditions in an outdoor Prison.

Their Propaganda seems to be working, in order to deflect criticism of their barbaric behavior, they simply label anyone that tries to point out their uncivilized treatment of the Palestinians as an Anti-Semite.

Long Live: Code Pink and Medea Benjamin.


Where you are, it may be OK.
INAmerica, we have freedom to practice any religion the individual citizen prefers.

Therefore, it is NOT OK to criticize a particular religion when a politician or
government uses some portion of the whole to damage others.

And yes: Israel is committing genocide against the Palistinian people every day.

This comes from ww2. When anyone has been bullied, they become a bully
the first chance they get.

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I think the charge that Warnock is anti-Semitic is totally unfair. Perhaps the charge is more applied to Republican Senator Purdue whose campaign doctored a photo of his Jewish opponent (also now in a runoff) to lengthen his nose to make him look more Jewish.
The 2 Georgia Democrats, one Jewish and the other African-American, can be a team to show cooperation of these groups, both facing increasing threats.
I also think the charge of “apartheid” against Israel is also unfair as in Israel there is quite a bit of mixing of Jewish and Arab populations, e.g. in transport, at universities, in sports, even in Parliament as everyone gets to vote. That is nothing like “apartheid.” And since Hebron is mentioned, it should be noted with regard to “ethnic cleansing” 100% of the historic Jewish population there was driven out when Arabs had control after the 1947-48 war and no Jews were allowed until Israel occupied it in the 1967 war. Zealots on both sides have a lot to answer for.

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I am amazed that you cannot see the hypocrisy in denigrating Abrahamic religions while supporting a Christian priest as a contender for political office.