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CodePink Files Complaint Over AIPAC's 'Illegal Propaganda Trip' to Israel for Members of Congress

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/08/15/codepink-files-complaint-over-aipacs-illegal-propaganda-trip-israel-members-congress


There’s an Office of Congressional Ethics? Isn’t that an oxymoron?

In any case, Gaia bless Code Pink.


“Honest Leadership and Open Government Act” is self mockery.


USA gives to israel 5 billion per year for military.
There is also a foreign aide grant for their elderly and poor.
That may be up to 3.8 billion per year by now.

About 25 years ago, we accepted 23,000 russian jews as immigrants. They did not want to go to israel because they would be mistreated as third class citizens there - they said. A large group were assigned to chicago. They had degrees and masters degrees. Created a glut on the job market for about 18 months. Kept wages lower for technical and professional.

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The open and clear subversion of our republic and congress members by a foreign power and its foreign agent, AIPAC, is not in doubt. The failure of any governmental body to openly stand-up to the treasonous actions is also not in doubt, and shows the power this cabal , has on our nation, and its is far more than a little thing, it is a threat to our sovereignty, and is treasonous when Americans apparently hold first-loyalty to that foreign powers interests over our own! The malignant racism of Israeli extremists is being exported to America with many destructive consequences.

Beside the zionist entity subverting our electoral processes and elections, they have infiltrated our military and police agencies, “training” police in “crowd control” and other tactics that are human rights violations. .



An ALL Expenses Paid Vacation with Luxury Accommodations on the Israeli Rivera along the warm waters of the beautiful Mediterranean Sea.

This is nothing more than a Colossal BRIBE to help the Israelis keep the Palestinians imprisoned under a brutal Occupation.

This Paid for Vacation will ensure that Congress will continue to allow the Israelis to suppress the Palestinians and deny them the Freedom they deserve.

This a disgrace and a tragedy that callous members of Congress can be bought off with a few pieces of Silver to turn their back on the plight of people that are suffering within the confines of a large outdoor Concentration Camp.


How many of these folks had the balls to show up wearing a ‘BDS’ T-shirt?

Why not?

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It is now, and has always been, ALL ABOUT THE BENJAMINS.

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Careful there, buddy, someone might accuse you of anti Semitism. But it is now, and always has been, ALL ABOUT THE BENJAMINS

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