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'Coffee With Ivanka' Auction May Be Shut Down Following Ethics Questions


'Coffee With Ivanka' Auction May Be Shut Down Following Ethics Questions

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

The incoming First Family found another ethical line to blur when it was reported that President-elect Donald Trump's son Eric was auctioning off the opportunity to have coffee with sister Ivanka in a fundraising effort for his personal foundation.


This is the epitome of the US empire in decline, a president and his family that can only think in terms of what will make them more money for them. What an example for the Amerikkkan people.
Beyond disgusting!


Oh how America's oligarchs love to entertain themselves, while the hoi polloi work three jobs to keep their heads above water.

We already knew the Trumps had no class so it should not come as any surprise that one of the Trump offspring is pimping out his sister. Is it any worse than: The Center for Public Integrity published the first list of donors who nabbed a night in the Clinton White House—and whose stays sparked outrage and investigations—in its 1996 report, “Fat Cat Hotel.” Of the 66 original “Fat Cats” still living, 34 have donated a total of $1.15 million to Hillary Clinton’s campaign or the super PACs supporting her since January 2013. With more than a year before the general election, the number of supporters and their donations will likely rise.


This family has to crawl up to reach bottom. They absolutely have no shame and have obviously completely gorged themselves on their father's drek leaving them poisoned for life.

Our nation and the people will recover but not after suffering untold pain and deprivation during their reign of greed and avarice. The wounds will heal but scars will remain.


Wonder how much they could get for sex with Ivanka?


Actually, time with the president himself was auctioned off for funds for the Clinton campaign. "Pay for play" is a lot of what illicit money in politics does. Auctioning off the time of the "first daughter-elect" can hardly be more dangerous to policy than auctioning the time of a sitting president.

That does not mean Trump should do it; it does mean that discussing it as though Trump were unique in this covers for worse violations.


Got me. That isn't really the problem, though, is it? Are we to worry about selling her rather than selling governmental policy?


Beyond disgusting,a nd embarrassing.


I'd give a buck twenty.


I'd bid tree fiddy!


Related to the Kardashians I suspect.


You are being far too optimistic!


Really, Eric? You're pimping out your sister? What a classy family.


New flag being run up the pole to see which way the breeze is blowing. Take it down a notch and ask how it is that "charity" is acceptable but actual funding policy for health, education and the spectrum of life necessities is not.
Keep in mind that the 'charity' amounts to, oh say, .01% of profit prospects and subtract from that the margin benefits in annual marketing; the dog whistle to "players" to come piss on the post to identify as part of the pack for upcoming raids.
I would submit that very little here is what it is advertised/reported to be.
"... oohohoh say can you see..?"


I figure Ivanka is the one to watch out for. Ruthless. Dangerous. More so than the males. I just can't decide whether I should think of her as a Borgia or a Medici. Or...(?fill in the comparisons?).


Ivanka's little kiii..iii...ty?


To all the Hillary Supporters that follow CD:
Is there a difference between Ivanka's fund-raising attempts to sell access to power, and to Hillary's $250,000 speeches for access to power? Both are So Corrupt.

Wake up America, if you want real change, look at the Green Party Platform.


The dominatrix at the end of the block here said she'd go...a dollar four seventy-five!


Didn't you just throw the election? Along with Comey and Putin?


Followers of Ayn Rand are proud of the fact they have no ethical framework, that is the point. She worshipped strong men unchained by morality unblinded by empathy.