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Cohen Reportedly Ready to Tell Mueller Trump Knew All About 2016 Meeting Between Don Jr. and Russian Lawyer Promising 'Dirt'


Cohen Reportedly Ready to Tell Mueller Trump Knew All About 2016 Meeting Between Don Jr. and Russian Lawyer Promising 'Dirt'

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Giving the public and federal investigators further reason to doubt President Donald Trump's repeated insistence that he knew nothing about a 2016 Trump Tower meeting between his son, Don Jr., and several Kremlin-connected Russian nationals promising "dirt" on Hillary Clinton, the president's former personal attorney Michael Cohen is reportedly willing to testify that Trump knew all abo


Michael Cohen, be a Hero, not a Zero.


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Trump could shoot someone and his base would love him the more for it. They want a civil war to start. They want the Apocalypse to come. Trump’s base couldn’t care less about this. And Israel control’s Trump. He is a “philo-Semitic Adolf Hitler”.


Many of us knew - hoped - that given enough rope, the ginger pig would hang himself…it only depended on some moral people of courage and integrity to stand-up to him, and the underlying corrupt evil supporting his mental depravity. He is a figurehead, albeit an extreme example, of the widespread corruption, greed, usury, racism, bigotry, and for-profit war-mongering infecting our nation and much or the world - in part due to trumps odious example - of Let’s hope his too-long delayed hanging will soon be accomplished!


I’d love to Don Jr perp-walked on perjury and/or obstruction charges.

But somehow I’m doubting it’ll happen.

And truly, this stuff just fires up the R-Party base.


Cohen is no hero. He’s a rat deserting a sinking ship…


Of course, Tramp knew beforehand and approved the meeting. Little Donny would have run to him like a kid with a new-found puppy. “Can I keep him, Daddy? Please, Daddy!”


Congress cound care less about it as well. Who cares where the Obvious news goes to? Our entire Judicial system is corrupt!


As the ship sinks lower the Rats will attack the rest of the Rats and thats lot of people! All of Congress, Judges, Politicians, Cops… Problem is, we have no justice system. Its up to the people…


Since Trump took office his public lies per day rate has increased from about 4.5 lies/day to around 6.5 lies/day. It looks like there are a few more lies to add to the 3,000 plus lies already counted by the fact checkers with his Russian meeting story apparently unraveling.


The idea that any of trump’s children would do something like this without pop’s approval stretches the imagination beyond anything that could even be considered credibility. And then trump’s assertion that jr. didn’t say anything about the meeting for a year is, well, frankly, nothing more than another bowl of shit served up by “our favorite president.”


Yes indeed! Who would punish him? We have the most Corrupt Judicial System ever, including Both Parties, Judges, Lawyers,etc. Trump knows he can buy or threaten his way out of any situation. The Rich wanna keep their bug $$ pouring in and want more. Thats the deal!


Right you are…to which I say: “Bring on the rats!!!” And you can bet your sweet bippee there are a lot more out there.


And you have Giuliani saying that Cohen is a liar and has lied all his life, what a shit show, every one in trumps circle is a liar. And every one supporting him knows it. The republican party should be embarrassed watching it unfold, because the stink of those that are lying is sticking to every one supporting him. And it won’t wash off ever.


It is astonishing that someone could be so brazenly stupid to think they could collude to steal an election from the Clintons and then just walk away from it.

While I did not support Hillary, I hope she and Bill have a nice time this autumn pulling all the powerful strings at their command to bring justice to this bigot…


Poor analogy.
He’s a talking rat who can implicate the Captain in hitting an iceberg.


Of course he knew.
Trump is a micro manager and makes all of the decisions that are important. No one believes him.


Thank you…you forgot one thing…Just Plain STUPID


Absolutely. He’s a Thug deserving of nothing.

However, he may well be the key to putting down the rabid dog who resides in the White Dog House.