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Coincidence? Texas Slashed Women's Health and Maternal Death Rate Soared


Coincidence? Texas Slashed Women's Health and Maternal Death Rate Soared

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Texas showed the sharpest increase of maternal deaths of all U.S. states between 2000 and 2014, with that rate doubling in the two-year period after the state slashed funding for Planned Parenthood and women's health programs, according to a study to be published next month.

Many of the family planning clinics that lost funding or closed were an "entry point into the health care system" for women—leading to a ripple effect of difficulty obtaining care.


Texas, et al.--conservative laboratories of the damned.


A recent poll taken by Public Policy Polling showed that 40% of Texans would rather secede from the Union than live under a Hillary presidency.

We can all look forward to at least that positive development when Hillary wins in November.


A story about an attack on women's health elicits an anti Hilary comment. Can't help yourself, can you?


Anti-Hillary? Hardly. Read it again. This time with an open mind.


Nobody ever accused Texans of being particularly bright.
Just look at the people that they elect to public office.


Texas slashed women's health and maternal death rate soared. Of course it did. Now if someone could figure out a way to pry that bible out of their hands, and replace it with a health and wellness book, we might save some lives.


Schizophrenic behavior: slash funding for maternal health care, establish a task force to see why young mothers and infants are suddenly dying in record numbers. What cave did these legislators slither out of?


If they actually obeyed their own rules, in their own book, they would not be so heartless and judgmental. I read, somewhere in their book, that Jesus really disapproved of that behavior.

Anyone who has read the New Testament knows that Jesus would not be down with the prurient paternalism shown by many of our present-day Christians. Their obsession with our ladyparts is now actually killing women here in Texas. They really could not care less, either.


Yeah. I read it. You wrote it. I guess you don't have to understand it.


Ah, the old "I know you are, but what am I" gambit.


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Hey everybody, look. A smart progressive guy.


You must be as big a failure in life as you are at trolling. I just hope you aren't truly as moronic as the comments you write.


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There is something going on with you that has nothing to do with me. Take care of yourself.


She deserves every negative comment she elicits and then some.

The only reason she is competitive with the Republican candidate is because he is so abysmal. A candidate so bad that he is suspiciously abysmal.

She had to steal the election from a 74 year old self-admitted Socialist Jew!

And make no mistake, Hillary's evil dark forces stole the election.


A point that totally escapes their notice. As with Obama they should be lined up to vote for her. Of course Obama had that pigment problem.


Your comments reek of progressivism. Reek.