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Cold War Powers Flex Their Muscles as EU Extends Russian Sanctions


Cold War Powers Flex Their Muscles as EU Extends Russian Sanctions

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Amid a growing military standoff between Russia and NATO countries, European Union members states on Wednesday agreed to extend economic sanctions against the Kremlin for another six months until the end of January.


Unfortunately, even Bernie Sanders is backing the anti-Russian policy of Obama, at least to the extent of supporting sanctions. I cannot find any evidence that he is aware of the role of the U.S. and its allies in provoking this crisis. It is not necessary to defend Putin to realize that any Russian leader would be compelled to oppose the presence of hostile military forces on the nation’s borders. Likewise, Sanders’ opposition to the TPP is based solely on domestic considerations and he betrays no awareness of the extent to which the trade agreement is fashioned as an anti-Chinese alliance - despite the fact that Obama himself has admitted as much.


The Neo-cons and the military always wanted a war, preferably nuclear, with the CCCP. They think they can “win” with only a few hundred million casualties.

  • Ye Gods! Watch Threads, and/or The Day After to have an idea of what is being espoused by our, and the world’s, madmen.
  • Watch Failsafe and Dr. Strangelove.
  • These nutjobs all need to be in rubber rooms playing with soft toys, not prancing upon the world stage while trying to eliminate it.


Do you get paid by the amount of lies and distortions you write?


Russian bombers were flying in international airspace.
The people of Crimea voted by a overwhelming majority to rejoin Russia.
Simon is a Western propagandist, and most likely collects a check from the CIA.


The Nazi government in Kiev outlawed speaking the Russian language in the Crimea; Putin did the right thing. Stalin gifted the Crimea to Ukraine, Putin took it back. Hooray for Putin and your right-winger condemnation of him is absurd.


All one has to do is look at who funds Simons news channel “Rupert Murdoch”.


NATO tests Russian defenses, too. Always has.


Ah yes, remember Iraq? Our sanctions caused the deaths of at least a half-million children, not to mention our destroying their infrastructure, then not allowing the materials to be brought in that would allow them to be rebuilt.

  • But, as Mad Albright told us, “We think it was worth it!”


Good flicks all of them.

When the Wind Blows and the 2000 remake of On the Beach are right up there too.


Yes, I would and I do. I wonder (not really) why Kerry and Hillary - and Mitt as well - are recently criticizing RT America. Actually, it is a real news station - call it propaganda if you will. Is it propaganda because it does not support the American media’s presentation of U.S. government propaganda? Our government has no moral authority whatsoever to criticize Putin or any other nation, given its egregious covert and overt illegal actions in the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Central America - to name a few. This (U.S./NATO) show of force is extremely dangerous. I believe this surpasses the Cuban-Missile Crisis - which I do vividly recall.


Russia accepted an independent Ukraine, even supporting it with cheap fuel and loans – as long as it was neutral, not aligned with the EU and especially NATO. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama assigned neocon Victoria Nuland, wife of the notorious Robert Kagan of the Bush regime to spend $5 billions destabilizing the elected government of Ukraine. All this after the US had repeatedly violated its pledge to Gorbachev not to move NATO eastwards in exchange for Russian withdrawal from Eastern Europe. Now this apple cart has been thoroughly upset.
Russia has drawn the appropriate conclusions from the earlier attempt to bring Georgia in to NATO and now from this latest adventure.
The USA are not in position to criticize anyone for aggression. No one regrets more than myself that the Russians seem to be acting with somewhat more restraint than our own USA.


After the US and Nato f**ked up Libya, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Ukraine and the Balkins. You would think both would mind their own business and leave well enough alone. But no now they want to take on both Russia and China. Yes these people are pychopathic nut jobs.


Great commentary by Stephen Cohen: http://www.thenation.com/blog/210113/stephen-cohen-us-and-nato-are-escalating-their-assault-kerry-and-putins-agreement-seek-d


Stephen is one of the only sane voices out there. I like his idea of having a Russian/U.S. international peace conference, this is badly needed. If you are reading this Professor. Please do get this conference going hopefully later this summer. If invited I would gladly take part to promote peace.


Just finish with the audio interview with Stephen Cohen. Wow that is so freaking bone chilling.


The Maiden ran out the democratically elected president and took over. At that point all bets are off and those areas that want to separate from Ukraine have every right. Including Crimea. To assume that what Crimea or the eastern Ukraine province did was somehow illegal after a coup of their democracy occurred is ridiculous and hypocritical


No, it was Khrushchev.