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Cold Warrior Elliott Abrams Returns to Battle in Venezuela

Cold Warrior Elliott Abrams Returns to Battle in Venezuela

Belén Fernández

Shortly after right-wing figure Juan Guaido auto-proclaimed himself interim president of Venezuela in January - to the immediate applause of US President Donald Trump - US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo annou

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Two words (if the second isn’t yet a real word, it should be) leap to mind:

Kakistocrat, and


The important thing to remember is that Abrams is not an anomaly. Guys like him exist by the thousands within the US Security State establishment all at work ensuring Capitalism remains and the 1 percent stay in power. The ones that work within the US State Department and its apparatus that do have a Conscience resign in disgust as did the late William Blum.


"Would You Buy a Used War From This Face?"

Abrams is not simply a “cold warrior”. He is genocidal junkyard dog with rabies in service to the most violent and incompetent practitioners of predatory capitalism.

Watch his stride when he walks. It hard to hide cloven hooves and tail when he has to focus so hard keeping the horns invisible.


The ex Military members claimed they on a Government mission and a spokesperson for the US Government refused to answer as to whether they in Haiti under US Government authority.

This stinks to high heaven but par for the course as far as the Government of the USA concerned. I think it linked directly to the dirty tricks the USA pulls off in Venezuela as the people in Haiti protest their Governments stand on that situation.

Just as a BTW to the “Thank you for your service” people. This is what your ex Military guys are up to. They kill for money. Stop “honoring” them.


Max Blumenthal tours a supermarket in Caracas.


" Delusional Neo-Cons "–Are there really any other kind? And, do you really believe Abrams, Pompeo and Bolton; tres diablos without a doubt, don’t enjoy their work? They enjoy it as much as Epstein, Dershowitz and Clinton would enjoy a weekend at the Nat’l Girl Scout Convention.
U.S. and the NATO countries ( including Columbia ) are not obligated to follow the United Nations when it doesn’t suit them, so disband this worthless organization which merely provides cover for racist elites, human rights violations, genocide and resource looting by its’ First Circle of fellow kleptocratic thugs. It’s truly a ‘effin’ joke now.
Whenever I’m forced to think about our current Rulers of The Empire and their string of foreign disasters and unconscious fxckups; my mind sees Bullwinkle J. Moose trying to pull just one rabbit out of his hat. He rips the sleeve off his cheap rented tuxedo, proclaiming " Nothing up my sleeve " and then reaching into the hat with a " this time for sure " pulls out a growling bear’s head. Bullwinkle fearfully screams " Must be the wrong hat ", to which Rocky exclaims " Again! ".
In over 6 decades of American numbnuttery the cartoonish dimwits change, but the cartoons remain the same. In spite of our Fearless Leaders and our own overwhelming ability to bamboozle ourselves, we’re still chasing after other people’s iron pyrite and destroying all in our path.
So it goes… what a depressing mess.


HI GuildF312s: these are good, and then I alphabetized his name to see what letters were there for words.

Elliott Abrams = 13 letters

and in a quick look found

" I am a lie---- I’ll be a liar–a sot"---------that seems like him : )

No need to be meek – call Abrams what he is: a war criminal.

The title of this article is false; this war criminal is NOT a “warrior” by any stretch of the imagination. May he die in pain and soon.