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Colin Kaepernick Pledges $1M to Social Justice Groups as More Players Sit


Colin Kaepernick Pledges $1M to Social Justice Groups as More Players Sit

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick's protest is growing, and with it, his mission.


So far Kaepernick is playing his cards perfectly.

In other news from the Left flank:
* Marcel Lezar was sentenced to 52 months in federal prison yesterday. Lezar was the guy who hacked Hillary and revealed to us that she had a private server in her home. Instead of jail time Lezar should have been given a cash reward and our thanks for a job well done.
*14 thousand manufacturing jobs were lost in the month of August. Wait till Obama or Hillary gets the TPP passed. We'll all be working for Burger King.


I hope this spreads throughout the NFL. These guys have a just cause and a large audience. Much more attention needs to be paid to issues of social and economic injustice.


Are you a FOX War Network viewer?


Am so, so proud. Thanks,Colin. Perhaps we can take back America. And please don't forget all the bombs we're dropping on innocent families. It's an economic convenience. Keeps money circulating as we manufacture the arms here. They get blown up, arms manufacturers get rich, workers circulate money back into the economy, and more arms are needed to replace those that were blown up. Native Americans do this with fire works, but those are a lot less damaging.


Anyone who pledges allegiance to this sociopathic, warmongering, fascist, corporate state is either brainwashed or part of the Racket.
For myself, I like to think I'm a temporary resident of Turtle Island. Because that's all I am. Turtle Island doesn't need a pledge. It needs me to tread as lightly as possible during my stay.



Something finally interesting and important happens in the NFL, 100% behind Kaepernick.


The way Colin is being demonized by the MSM as being " unpatriotic" is laughable. Colin pledges $1M to social justice groups and is standing up for the poor and people of color that are the victims of police violence AND HAVE NO VOICE....AND THAT IS DISRESPECTFUL!

If Colin wrapped him self in the flag and supported Trump would the MSM presstitutes call that respectfully, patriotic?


DOL is reporting today the creation of an arbitrarily huge number of jobs. The information is meager and doesn't include what Paul Buccheit recently reported here that newer jobs typically pay much less than the jobs that were lost, which is what we should expect according to what you write--manufacturing paid higher than service-sector.


Any spectator who sits during the anthem will get the &*$^ beaten out of him by the people around him. God bless war.


When I was in public school in the 60's we stood to say the "pledge" every morning. I did, too. Except I said, " I pledge no allegiance to the rag...of the disunited states of America. And to the repugnance for which it sits...one nation, under Thor, inexcusable, with slavery and injustice for the poor." The teacher never heard me over all the other voices but the kids standing around me sure did. Much shock and dismay. Usually had to fist fight some redneck after school at least once a week. I also usually won.


Colin, thanks for bringing this up !!

As a Vietnam vet, I am appalled that around half of my countrymen
(and women) stand up and cheer at the mere mention of torture.

I'm not gonna pledge allegiance to the Torture State, or stand for
the anthem or God Bless Merrika until that changes.


Somewhere Dave Zirin is planning a new book (or at least an article) over this growing development. As Chris Hedges has mentioned in his book American Fascists: The Christian Right and the War on America, These groups court the military and law enforcement in their efforts to gain influence over the masses of the discontented.

As a reminder of what is possible, the following clip of Muhamed Ali's opposition to the Vietnam war is included. Just because Kaepernick's athletic talent may no be on the level that Ali's was does not make Kaepernick's opposition any less important.


I think you misunderstood the guy. I think he was being sarcastic.


I read that not as an endorsement, but a statement of the likelihood of some sports fans being out of control.

I mean, face it. When the games draw fans to the stadium, they're not filling up with their best. They're packed with drunks, looters, vandals, ready to riot and destroy property when their team WINS a game. Although SOME, I suppose, are good people.

That's why I propose we build a yuuuge wall around every sports arena in America. And the NFL, NBA, and MLB team owners are going to pay for it. If they don't like it, then ticket prices just got $50 cheaper.


That may be more a criticism of Trump supporters than of me, if they can be so belligerent as to write "God Bless War" and not have it come across as sarcasm. On the other hand, isn't that what the Clinton delegates meant when they started chanting "USA!"?


Professional Corporate Sports likes to define Character as an Athlete who continues to Compete even though he has sustained a Hangnail.

This is Welcome Reality creeping in.


No, because all the fast-food restaurants will be fully robotic soon. They have the technology, just holding out because they know throwing millions more out of work will be socially destabilizing. But they can't help themselves, they will keep squeezing us...


Note the military personnel in front of Kaepernick on the football field. That is not an anomaly, that is the norm, as the spectating, marketing and broadcasting of US professional football serve as massive promotional platforms for US war. HUUUUGE props to Colin Kaepernick, and now Eric Reid and Jeremy Lane, for standing in the jaws of that promotional beast. May more players join this ongoing protest, and also join Kaepernick to put their money where their social justice mouths are.


Or Breitbart...