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Collaboration: Be Careful Who You Work With


Collaboration: Be Careful Who You Work With

Lynn Sherr

At a time when precise language has gone missing from the White House, how best to describe those loyal Republicans still dancing with the guy who brung them? You know, Jewish-Americans like economics guru Gary Cohn, who was reportedly “disgusted” with Trump’s smarmy apology for neo-Nazism and other anti-semitism, but stood by like window dressing while the venom was spewed. Political-Americans like Paul Ryan, who expressed his outrage vehemently but failed to mention the name of the Outrager-in-Chief. Female-Americans like his adviser/daughter Ivanka, who … well, you get the point.


Thank you, Lynn. That is what reading fiction and history is for. It’s for telling stories about now that we just can’t spread the facts about until later.


On the subjects of collaboration and language: the Dem wing of the neolib/neocon Duopoly have been collaborators and leaders in the global capitalist empire at least since the end of WW2. An essential component of precise language is to be honest.


I guess this means money is the new form of honesty. Follow the money.


That is well and very accurately put.


Lynn Sherr has written a very good article here, including one of the best closing lines ever!