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Collateral Damage in Afghanistan: America's Soul


Collateral Damage in Afghanistan: America's Soul

Jeff Faux

On the night of October 3, 2015 an American attack helicopter bombed and strafed a Doctors Without Borders hospital in Kunduz, Afghanistan. At least 22 medical staff and patients, including three children, were killed. Twenty-four are still missing. The U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights suggested it might be a war crime.

On October 15, almost a year and a half after he announced the war's end, President Obama again extended American military operations in Afghanistan. Now our soldiers are to remain at least into 2017.


Faux means false. (And names often convey important clues.)

When any pundit lectures me that WE live in a Democracy and that voters wanted these wars, it fits into the faux... as in false category.

While any claim to moral repugnance for what is arguably being done--by an out-of-control military-industrial-media complex that answers to itself, NOT we the American people--is a good thing... as usual, I find it necessary to object to the FRAME that conflates all citizens with the Make War apparatus and its various and sundry advocates and accomplices.

I don't believe that a majority of Americans support these foreign wars; and anyone who gives a 100% propagandized media--one that used generals and other "experts" to build false cases for war of aggression--a pass is doing the work of empire. Ultimately, these shallow analyses take the result of mind control through shock, awe, and trauma... and argue that it proves the consult of the governed.

Does Mr. Faux think it's Democracy when cops crack down on inner city youth?
Is it Democracy when the head honchos of Arizona throw out textbooks that challenge the white racist telling of that area's history?
Is it Democracy when Latinos are herded into camps and tossed back over the border?
Is it Democracy when the entire citizenry is under Deep State scrutiny?
Is it Democracy when CIA players, unanswerable to any transparent agencies, "take out" heads of nations?
Is it Democracy when major global trade deals are fixed behind closed doors like cases fixed for war?
Is it Democracy when any insider who attempts to expose corruption is branded a whistle-blower or unpatriotic pariah and tossed into an offshore prison camp of otherwise forced into exile?

It cannot work both ways.

Either government officials ARE answerable to both the RULE OF LAW and their constituents, or they answer to elites within a covert, deep state apparatus.

For those of us who KNOW that 911 was a false flag, and recognize the shitloads of propaganda fed to the American public as precursor to a false form of consent for already planned wars, I do not buy this narrative that seeks to hold all citizens accountable for what they had no power to stop, no knowledge about, and no legal system within which to seek redress.

Chris Hedges spoke today about systems that no longer answer to the legal framework intended to keep them in check. Mr. Hedges advocates for mass protest and there has been some evidence of that in recent years aimed at a variety of ills. In all cases, police violence shows up to retain the status quo.

This is a very difficult situation since it took 60 years for the military industrial complex to creep into all aspects of govt., banking, business, and even the religious sectors. This Cancer will not be exorcized by any singular recipe.

Rather than blame all... it's more important to identify the mentality that gives war, warriors, and those who function through aggression... primacy in our society. THAT is the central disease. And by the way, we all don't suffer from it. The problem is, those that do tend to be armed and dangerous. Lacking consciences, they have no compunction about killing as many people as it takes to continue their hegemonic control of all persons.


When I look in a mirror, I do not see a person responsible for the invasion of Afghanistan or any other country. I see a person who wanted the American response to 9/11 to be closure of its military bases in all foreign countries and the beginning of using the billions thereby saved to make reparations to every foreign country victimized by past American atrocities committed by those who "serve" the United States. As a nation, we stand in disgrace until such reparations are made and of course reparations cannot bring back the millions of dead.


A lot of people are looking into that mirror.

I don't want to see Frackers murder nature. But so far, those who think like me have been unable to stop these ecocidal plunderers.

I don't want to see the rich making a killing while reducing the rest of the world to fiscal and actual rubble. But since this ilk owns the politicians, THEIR script is underway.

I don't want to see public schools closed, or Latin families torn apart, or Black kids mowed down by robo-cops, or young girls unsafe on college campuses.

I don't worship guns and missiles, or find any utility in a military that has its control apparatus spread around the globe like a gigantic toxic spider web.

And millions look in that same mirror.

That's why it's maddening when those who appear to oppose the campaigns of carnage argue that WE all are in the same boat. It's a moral and existential blindness that argues, if advertently, for no exit: the philosophical depiction of "Waiting for Godot."

Some (likely soldier wannabes and/or soldier boys) argue that blood in the streets, old-style revolution is what's needed.

The problem is that the level of consciousness (violence) that brought about a society held in strata through various forms of violence (overt militarism being the most obvious form, but by no means, the only coercive measure) cannot be altered by further shows of violence.

Consciousness must shift.

When I was a teenager before I went on a diet (I was on the gymnastics team and needed to be as fit as possible) I would binge. I think of all these insane wars as that part of humanity, fixed on macho shows of aggression... having its final war binge.

Either these arms are at last put down so that people can join hands to solve the crises of our era, or as Einstein pointed out... the next war will be fought with sticks and bones. Society will, what's left of it, be reverted back to its most primitive status.

It's a leap of consciousness to a trans-war state of mind that will save US... not more war and more expert opinions from more warriors or so-called experts who can't apparently differentiate between the peaceful, moral citizen and those who make war at their pleasure.... often using other peoples' children as collateral damage.


Although the honest outcome would probably never be known, a very good experiment for gauging just how much war support there is could come from a questionnaire attached to working persons' tax forms.

After the necessary computations are made and due fees assessed, the questionnaire would ask:

What percentage of your tax obligation do you earmark for each of the following:

  1. Investments in fossil fuel free technologies
  2. Investments in public transport and trains
  3. Investment in roads
  4. Subsidies to Big Coal, Big Oil, Big Fracking
  5. Military enterprises
  6. Veteran's Benefits
  7. Care for the aged, poor
  8. Pre school programs
  9. Investment in public schools
  10. Investments in public hospitals
  11. Higher salaries to public officials
  12. Citizen-funded elections
  13. Preserving national parks
  14. Homeland Security
  15. Prisons
  16. More hiring of police
  17. College tuition funding/subsidies
  18. Peace Programs

This is not a comprehensive list. (Feel free to add to it.)

The computer technology of our era would allow for an accurate computation of WHAT citizens WANT to invest in. That would take away this idea that IF you pay your taxes, you fund the war machine.


Just once in an article I would like to see the tiniest acknowledgement that the U.S. is not the only source of war crimes in Afghanistan. Let me first say, I don't think the the U.S. should be involved there in any way shape or form.

In the interest of truth, however, it should be pointed out that 80 percent of the civilians killed this past year, according to both the U.N. and Amnesty International, were killed by the Taliban and their allies. Same as the years before that.

Whether you have a bomb dropped on your head by Americans, or are hustled off of a bus to be beheaded by the Taliban, you are just as dead.


And how exactly will the consciousness shift?

According to you the majority of imperial citizens have no responsibility for doing anything. So why should they bother shifting their consciousness, and even if they shifted their consciousness how would that stop the imperial juggernaut?

Do you expect the actual MIC profiteers (the oligarchs, the one percenters, or whatever label you want for the primary culprits) to wake up one fine morning, and find their consciousness shifted because Venus entered Capricorn or some such astrologically significant cosmic event?

In the words of Poet Tagore:
"অন্যায় যে করে আর অন্যায় যে সহে
তব ঘৃণা তারে যেন তৃণসম দহে।"
May God punish both those who commit injustice and those who tolerate it. (My paraphrase).

So, you are of course correct in assigning the primary blame to those who commit the crimes, but many others must bear some responsibility for being blind when the truth stares at them.



According to some Eastern religions there is a thing called mass karma that says why so many innocent Japanese were murdered in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. I do not know if it is true, but I sure hope they have it wrong; otherwise, reparations or no reparations, the fascist Amerikan empire could face the same fate as Nazi Germany or Japan!


Sanders has had plenty of time since Oct. 3 to stand up and say he would pull all us troops and so-called contractors out of Afghanistan (and Iran, Syria, the Congo, etc.). But he has not done so and he will not do so.

Google Sanders and the F-35.

Sanders is a war socialist. His mission is to dupe libs and progressives into supporting the Dems one more time.


Ms. Grammar/Language Nazi:
You should have said consent, not consult.

Can I call you a (Science) illiterate fool now? I would just be emulating your example of attacking others for making mistakes in their English usage.



If the law of karma was a real law, then the various western empires (British, French, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese) would have dissolved much sooner. The Germans and the Japanese lost not because their karma caught up with them, but because their adversaries were more numerous and were able to commandeer more resources for prosecuting the war.

The laws discovered through Science are real laws, other laws are products of human imagination or creation.






It ain't called 'the graveyard of empires' for nothing.


It's impossible to make a cogent case with posters like you who purposely take my well-nuanced arguments--which do NOT fit black/white, either-or, "with us or against us" frames--only to find that you pigeonhole my content and analysis right back into that frame, falsely.

Anyone who traffics in one size fits all characterizations--or according to this site's paid regulars--indictments is unable to see much in the way of diversity.

You have bought the official narrative and think like someone loyal to the damning status quo that Mars rules, i.e. the dominant patriarchs, has built.

I am not arguing from within that frame.

And if you don't SEE how consciousness is expanding in all of the efforts, mass protests, novel groups forming, and acts of conscience then you are blind... and I don't have the Goddess-given power to make you see.


The mistake you pointed out was in fact, a typo. I type 100 words a minute and WORD presumes that a particular word is being typed before it's actually typed. I don't always catch those errors.

On the other hand, writing an attack post and asking that God punish... and then signing it Peace goes to a far deeper problem than syntax or grammar. Get help!


Thanks for your perspective.


Well, kinda sorta...but not really...no. I know this is the popular belief...but the Taliban came to power in the mid 90's when the U.;S was long gone from Afghanistan. They came to power only with the full support (including combat troops) of Pakistan. After 2001 the U.S. stupidly looked on Pakistan as an ally.

Honestly, this is one of my main beefs with the Left, as well as the Right. They tell half truths, then act like it is the Truth. They (both!) both patronizingly act like the people of third world countries are just naturally violent 4 year olds, killing for old wrongs, that cannot be expected to control their violent passions like people do in the west.. I call b.s. on that formulation. They are full grown men making grown men decisions. If they decide to kill all the people in a village it is their fault! No one elses.


Sioux, I don't even know what you two are arguing about....but it's not worth it.Both of you are not acting like you are in the least interested in the other's point. And, Honestly, if you attack others for bad punctuation or syntax you should not be so thin skinned if they do the same....could have been a word perfect error for them too. If you attack others for religious beliefs they will attack yours...just human nature. If I ever said anything like "My well nuanced argument" I would expect them to shoot spitballs at me.

I know you are smart. I can see it in your posts. I know you believe what you are saying, heck, half the time I agree with you even if you constantly call me names.I know you have a lot of respect for you on this board. Just please remember that to get respect you must show respect. If you don't, then you get what you deserve. best regards, bligh


If the law of karma WERE a real law (the subjunctive mood)...


Grammar Snark


Everyone makes mistakes. You have a long solid track record of being a jerk about it. Just the facts, ma'am.