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Colleagues Defend Tucker Carlson’s ‘Ideas'—That Iraqis Are ‘Monkeys,’ Child Rape Is ‘Commitment to Love’


Colleagues Defend Tucker Carlson’s ‘Ideas'—That Iraqis Are ‘Monkeys,’ Child Rape Is ‘Commitment to Love’

Janine Jackson

A tweet (3/12/19) from New York Times columnist Bret Stephens approvingly quoted—calling it “astute as usual”—a statement from the National Review's David French (3/11/19): “Our nation cannot maintain its culture of free speech if we continue to reward those who seek to destroy careers rather than rebut ideas.”



Carlson can’t help being ignorant seeing as he probably spent his high school years stuffed in his locker. His mouth-breathing “I’m agog” schtick certainly has the Depends crowd locked in. Fortunately, TV is going the way of the dodo bird (which was an unfortunate manmade extinction). The “value” voters do not care that neither their pied pipers nor their politicians have any values, because both have the magical anger button that Trumps reality.



This is raising Carlson’s profile among his potential audience members.

That they love Carlson’s ‘truth-telling’ is precisely the reason that when a Beto O’Rourke (or Obama before him) speechifies about embracing a conception of ‘purple’ America, they’re talking nonsense.

It’s this simple: a huge percentage of voters, especially the older ones, are flat out racists.



I’ve got a fucking problem. It’s ass holes like Stephens, an ex Fox paid contributor, becoming “neutral pundits” in the MSM. Stephens,George Will, Peggy Noonan and a few others are STILL firmly in the conservative camp let’s not forget. These are slowly slithering into MSM (which is bad enough as there are NO left leaning people representing the left in MSM) pushing the so called “centrist” MSM further to the right.

Tucker Carlson is a fucking POS and always has been.



Jackson sez:
"Jeffs himself had a ‘wife’ who was 12 years old, but that’s not really rape, Carlson explained … Jeffs, Carlson maintains, was only persecuted for being ‘unpopular,’ with a ‘different lifestyle.’”

… and for breaking the law. But potayto, potahto; we get ya, Tuck.



HI GoebbelsSez… I just looked Carlson up on Wikipedia. He has 4 kids : 1 boy, and 3 girls. I hope none of the girls are 12—and married. What a strange man—



Another well written response. I beginning to get a little jealous. If I had your talent WiseOwl, I would write more than one book. peace.

Carlson needs no notoriety. Stack him up like a log on the Fox Noise woodpile. They will all burn the same color.

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It’s almost like watching someone die, a little at a time, viewing the news from ego monsters. The disease is hate as evidenced by disrespect for others.



That is true, but what is also true is what @LibWingofLibWing pointed out in Why Isn’t Tucker Carlson's Hate Speech a Deal-Breaker? I’m not so sure he’s the best choice of the next in line at Fox to get the axe. Jimmy Dore had a piece of him early on questioning any US role in Syria (while on Fox) and it was amazing - I have never heard such questioning from anybody else on MSM (not that I watch all that much). Maybe he’s actually doing more good than harm? If he can turn a certain percentage of Fox viewers from being reflexively pro-war to being willing to go against Trump on the decision to go to war (with Venezuela, Iran, or anybody else) and that makes the difference for opposing such a war, that would dwarf whatever stupid things he has said in the past.

Note that I disagree with David French who wrote:

And let’s be clear, Tucker’s words aren’t “hurtful” or “offensive” in the truest sense. At the time, they passed through the media ether without notice or comment. There were no outraged victims seeking redress. Nobody was crying sincere tears on camera because of the bad things a (then) MSNBC contributor said about them.

I had better hopes for French after hearing him on Fresh Air for being a conservative we could perhaps deal with. He talked with emotion on how much discrimination his adopted daughter had faced. I must have read a dozen NR pieces by the guy before finally giving up - he is as stubbornly tied to stupid ideas as most of his compatriots. How the fuck does he know no one was hurt - maybe some asshole who listens to this stuff is incited to beat his wife or harass an Islamic person on the street, or maybe much worse. There is no need to defend Tucker Carlson the way he is doing it. I am not really defending him either (and LibWingofLibWing certainly isn’t which she makes clear), but it is possible to defend him without apologizing for this type of behavior - French completely fails at this.



Al Franken was kicked out of office for acting like a comedian
back when he was a comedian. Nobody was insulted by his behavior
until it was politically expedient. Carlson’s statements were nasty then
and they are nasty now.He does not get a free pass, because he made
these statements in the past.