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Colleagues Mostly Fail to Rally for Amy Goodman, Threatened With Jail for Journalism


Colleagues Mostly Fail to Rally for Amy Goodman, Threatened With Jail for Journalism

Jim Naureckas

When Democracy Now! host Amy Goodman (9/4/16) asked security guards at the Dakota Access Pipeline construction project why they were using pepper spray and dogs to attack Native American protesters, the guards soon backed off, taking their mace and attack dogs with them. It was a dramatic lesson in how journalism can defend the rights of citizens.


Nauteckas closes with: "But most national corporate media outlets—the ones who complain about not getting a seat on a candidate’s plane—breathed not a word on North Dakota’s assault on the press’s ability to cover a major story of the moment."

Why should they cover this assault when they've been essentially ignoring the bigger story all along? Great pains are being taken to diminish the coverage, if not bury it altogether. Priorities are to prevent public awareness of the project. Priorities are to deny those at Standing Rock any kind of publicity lest it catch on and spread. Energy interest priorities are to spin this any way that they can to subdue broader public opposition.
So of course compliant, sycophantic corporate media are going to let Amy hang.
Truth telling is dangerous business these days, that is provided one is even afforded the opportunity to speak that truth---witness the denial of ink/internet coverage of Dr Jill Stein and Ajamu Baraka.


Amy Goodman, who is doing it better? Amy Goodman with her brother David were in East Timor when things were highly dangerous., and Amy was in the oil delta of Nigeria, highly dangerous.


Amy Goodman has been the backbone of real journalism for years and years. Fearless, professional and right where it matters.

I still remember her conversation with Bill Clinton over the phone in 2000. Very instructive. Listen up.

He called her "hostile and combative" by the way. So much for asking powerful people substantive questions.


Credit where credit is due. Lawrence O'Donnell of MSNBC, who was also at the protester's camp Labor Day weekend, but apparently did not go to the pipeline site, also reported on Goodman being charged with trespassing, and also used her video of the dog attacks on his show. One of the few recent times that someone on MSNBC actually did some progressive journalism. So, props to Larry for that one.

Why should they cover this assault when they've been essentially ignoring the bigger story all along?
. . . Truth telling is dangerous business these days

good article but i spy a presumptive error in this article's title. in fact the very first word, colleagues, suggests that corporate-hired propaganda agents who spend their time studying the prepared script while in make-up somehow qualify as journalists. no, they are not journalists, but only play one on t.v.!

we who watched the footage taken by the democracy now! crew watched in shocked amazement as the pipeline's hired thugs viciously attacked the water protectors with deadly weapons, trained attack dogs. i commend the souix and supporters for maintaining such dignity and resisting the urge to return violence with violence! when one pipeline guard signaled her dog to attack a group of protectors--including children--rushed toward the intended victim and the guard woman stepped back. of course, the native american culture holds great respect for animals and do not blame the dogs for being misused.

no telling what spin the mass media might have used had not amy and the d_n! camera crew been at the scene. the entire blame for misconduct would have fallen on those savage indians returning to their barbaric nature and going on a rampage against hard working citizens just trying to earn an honest living. here's a bit from nbc's coverage. note that the sheriff's lies are not challenged by nbc.

"This demolition is devastating," Archambault said. "These grounds are the resting places of our ancestors. The ancient cairns and stone prayer rings there cannot be replaced. In one day, our sacred land has been turned into hollow ground."

Preskey said the company filmed the confrontation by helicopter and turned the video over to authorities. Protesters also have posted some of the confrontation on social media.

Morton County Sheriff Kyle Kirchmeier said in a statement that "individuals crossed onto private property and accosted private security officers with wooden posts and flag poles."

"Any suggestion that today's event was a peaceful protest, is false," his statement said.


From the article: "But most national corporate media outlets—the ones who complain about not getting a seat on a candidate’s plane—breathed not a word on North Dakota’s assault on the press’s ability to cover a major story of the moment."

And yet here is this wonderful article on "Common Dreams" and it is not even the first! I am not a paid shill for anyone, but I $upport media outlets in which I believe. Time for me to contribute, and if you agree, you may do so as well. Progressive sites deserve popular support; they won't get much from the outfits vying for "a seat on the plane."


thank you! took me a little time to find that particular piece on msnbc. this link should lead to that interview http://www.msnbc.com/the-last-word/watch/the-protests-at-standing-rock-754050627976
i was glad to hear o'donnell mention that the u.s government as to date broke every treaty with indigenous peoples.


Amy Goodman is a True American Hero, She iis a great example of a True Journalist like Edward R Morrow, She is Not a Spineless Corrupt Worthless Corporate News Whore like the 5 major News Networks. Go Amy I support you where ever you go. Thank you for your Fearless service to America! It's you and the independent media that give us all a chance to rid our Once Great Country of the Massive Rico Laden Criminal Cabal that has Taken over everything. My God Bless America and help us get back in the light and out of this darkness that has engulfed our Nation


Amy is a hero, a champion for the planet and all live forms. It's no surprise at all that the 'talking heads' of the MSM ignore her - they couldn't survive the comparison.


When arrest warrants were issued for Jill Stein's and Au Baraka's visit to the Standing Rock site, the media ignored them too. Don't wanna ;lose the front row seat at the POTUS press conferences and the seat on Air Farce One.


The silence of the lambs


While I'm not saying she is doing it any better, Abby Martin of the Empire Files is also doing a good journalistic job. Isn't it interesting that both of these journalists are women?


Until people will give up on "Mess Media" aka corporate propaganda, it will be called something they don't deserve - News Media.


Why was a dog off leash? The security guards were not being attacked and the protest was peaceful. A dog was let off leash which should be classified as an assault with a deadly weapon or at least depraved indifference to the potential threat posed to human life by dangerous animal.

You don't excite the dogs first by making them lunge at people and then decide to release them on people.


fantastic! yeah, i heard that the human guards had no training in working with the dogs. someone said even some of the handlers were attacked by their own dogs. when i was in fifth grade our teacher took the class to a fun day in the nearby park. we were all quite surprised when a german shepherd joined our line at the slide. he climbed the ladder and slid down just like any kid. at miss langford's suggestion we all sat in a big circle while the dog's trainer showed us what the dog could do. (you know, i think miss langsford--the best teacher ever--planned this surprise encounter) at one point the trainer asked one of the boys to lie on the ground as a wounded soldier and gave the dog the order to guard the boy. then he asked another boy to approach the "wounded" soldier. the shepherd would not allow the kid anywhere near until he said the magic words--i think it was the pledge of allegiance? then the trainer asked me to arise and approach. again the dog bared his teeth and snarled viciously. "oh gosh! I've dropped the leash!" the man shouted. immediately i jumped over the heads of my seated classmates and raced across the grass before he yelled, "hey come back, girl! I was just kidding,"

sad to say he told us that many of the military trained dog later became unpredictable and had to be put to sleep. "thank you for your service"

not one of the hired "thugs" at standing rock was issued a warrant for their assault on innocent people protecting their "indivisible rights!"


Thanks for this.

Some thoughs jotted down as I listened to Clinton:

Marc Rich

Ricky Ray Rector

Madeleine Albright

Al Shifa Pharmaceuticals




journalistic integrity

And arrogance throughout.

Can anyone seriously believe we will get anything better from the next Pres. Cllinton?


Why should they indeed? They're simply following the textbook. It's a strategy that worked well enough with another recent 'nuisance' that came in the form of an kindly old gentleman from Vermont who just couldn't keep his mouth shut. Before long, I'd imagine these 'water protectors' will also throw their support behind the Clinton camp. That just seems to be the way of the world.