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Collective Action Is Unions' Last Line of Defense. The Supreme Court Is on the Verge of Destroying It

Collective Action Is Unions' Last Line of Defense. The Supreme Court Is on the Verge of Destroying It

Raymond Hogler

The Supreme Court on Feb. 26 heard arguments in a case that could deliver a devastating blow to organized labor.

The case concerns whether employees can be required to pay dues to a union even if they don’t belong to it, a debate that is similar to battles over so-called right-to-work laws that have swept the country.

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This move away from the idea of “the common good” is a sorry state of affairs. If this case is found in favor of Janus it will instill greed and me first and only me in our country. I have lived in AZ most of my life, a right to work state. Yes, you have the right to work at the lowest wage set by the fed.'s. Not a comfortable life. Oh how easy it is for us to forget all the good unions have done for labor. Will we see sweat-shops again? Lordy I hope not.


“And mark my words, the American working class will suffer.”

Isn’t that’s the whole idea?: Less for the worker means more for the employer, shareholder etc. Does anybody believe that those behind this challenge are concerned about constitutional rights of those workers who don’t want to pay? Their concern is a sham. .


It’s a shame the writer didn’t post a graph showing the decline in workers wages below the one showing decline in union membership. They would be almost identical.

It’s also interesting to note this Janus A-hole is trying to boost his retirement income, since most public retirements are based on you’re 4 largest income years. This comes after he benefited from union negotiated contracts his whole career.


Having organized, I can say that I have a mix of emotions on the topic. I absolutely do not agree with the direction the Court is likely to take us—we don’t know how far it will go—but I also got a firsthand taste of the insularity of Union leadership too. The latter has left a lot of people feeling like Janus, who I heard speak in an interview. While I could tell he’s pretty rightwing, some of his points were ones that I heard normally pro-union people complain about, essentially the Union leadership being a clique of contract managers more than representatives of members.

Either way, this is exactly what I knew would happen if Trump were elected and why I urged progressives not to vote third party in swing states. This Court is going to be a long-lasting lid on progressivism even if Bernie gets in the White House with large majorities. Oh well.

I am reminded of a person I entered into debate with some years ago regarding Our Health system here in Canada. He was an expat Canadian living and working in the USA and he railed on as to how terrible the Canadian system was, and how it lead to higher taxes and less freedom. Being young and healthy and not having to access the system much in the USA it was all peaches and cream as far as HE the individual was concerned. I had asked him what he would do when he retired and or if someone in his family ever got ill wherein he would have to pay all those expenses and his response was that his plan was to move back to Canada when he retired because “They have a better system for providing health care to seniors”

This the moment when you realize that all these people complaining about “Social Welfare programs” are only opposed to them when they benefit someone else.


This Janus does not have to work for a public agency. Sounds like a plant to me just like the teacher ( a holy roller) was a plant last year. Very scary. This Janus would rather ruin others’ lives all in the name of WHAT? He’d better hide- and he’s old!

Oh well??? Sounds like you just don’t care.

This idiot is about to retire. What’s his problem? His high wages and benefits all came from being in a union - but now that he’s being paid by the Kochs it does not matter. I hope the union sues him and denies his benefits as well. This stooge is only concerned about himself.

People are so stupid they would rather shoot themselves in the collective foot. This Janus deserves to be sued. What goes around comes around again.

I care a ton, and tried to convince others on this site to do so in 2016 but was told mentioning the Court was pushing “fear voting.” I told people there were legitimate reasons to fear, that voting third party in a swing state could result in those fears being realized, that a seated hard right court could be a disaster for progressives. I even talked about the Taft Court and how it wrecked work hours and safety laws, things progressives thought they’d won, in the 1920s. It was for nill. So what else can I say?

Keep fighting the good fight. We need more like you.
Thank you for your post. Call ASNFE and give your support.

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If the last line of your defense is forcing people to pay for speech they don’t support, then you don’t deserve the defense. Other people’s rights are not yours for the benefit of your political ideals, or to make organizing viable.

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If that’s the case, it makes you wonder how much he’s being paid mmmmmmmmmmmm.

Perhaps calling not only ASWFE( spelling)? and stating concerns would help- like the Teamsters. Yes, I am sure it is BIG BUCKS