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Collins Comes Aboard, But Six Senate Democrats Still Missing on Net Neutrality


Collins Comes Aboard, But Six Senate Democrats Still Missing on Net Neutrality

Julia Conley, staff writer

"The public has spoken. Lawmakers who stick their heads in the sand on this issue will pay the price at the polls."


How about something besides Twitter! Is our government ran by Twitter now? I called the line for Congress but it asked me to enter my zip code or state and then sent me to my rep. I wanted to contact these hold out lawmakers that call themselves democrats. Can’t, can’t email them as not in their state or district. WTF, can’t comment on their websites.

When these people hold national office we all should be able to contact them especially the ones like Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell.

Representative government is a joke.


Yeah the biggest lie ever is that the US Constitution says that the government is: of the people; for the people; and by the people.


juj –

You can just keep zip codes handy of Senators you want to influence, but from what I’ve seen since the days of W/GOP is they’re doing everything to keep you from actually speaking with a member of Congress or their Staff.

Best thing to do is to check their local state telephone numbers – all of them have at least two local offices in each state – and to call there.
These offices are also turning out to be a good place to protest, at least in my town.
And you can do that for Representatives and Senators across the country.
(At least still now, but they do want to shut down communication from the public … so hurry up! :))


I have emailed my rep and Senators, all dems., one senator wasn’t on board yet. I emailed him again with the newest form. Get all your friends to email their congress people. This is one specific area where votes do count. Be relentless, I usually don’t call as my time is valuable, I write.


I have emailed my Senator - Donneley and my rep - Visclosky on this issue - got a very thorough response from Visclosky but nothing but bs from Donneley - what can we do with these blue dogs but primary the shit out of them


Like everything else the system is rigged by the capitalists(ruling class) to favor them. We can still try to coerce our representatives. If not everything we learned in school about the government was a lie. It was, but maybe we can gain one victory by trying.


Contact Republican Senators. We’ll need a lot more than just Collins.


That is one of the great strengths the fascists have in controlling the government through their duopoly. They only really need half a dozen truly owned Democrats at any one time in order to ensure their dominance. It unfortunately is not an accident and it’s mechanism was built right into the constitution with the creation of the Senate and allowing 2 per Senators per state, regardless of the population of the state. It makes it easy to corrupt.


and continue to buy into the same system that has worked so well in the past…


I am curious how despite all available evidence to the contrary people still think writing letters and emails can make a difference. The biggest and only thing you have going for you on Net Neutrality, are those large corporations that feel that Net Neutrality is better for their profit margins…like Google and Facebook. They have the money and the power to fight…Spectrum and Verizon and the like…it is a battle between titans over their slice of the pie. How do you not know that?


I make a list of whatever creeps I want to call or write. Then I go on each one’s website and get the phone numbers and add that to my list. Then depending on my anger level and time available, I write or call each one, even if it means leaving voice mail. Some senators don’t have the constituency requirement. When I’m really mad, I write a quick snail mail letter.

This may all be super futile, but I’m doing it anyway. And I’ll work to oust my prig thug next time he’s up for election. He’s an ambitious butt-kisser, but I live in a blue state and he may be getting his head out just enough to get a whiff of the wind and see which way it’s blowing.


[quote=“ToniWintroub, post:12, topic:48208”]
“he may be getting his head out just enough to get a whiff of the wind and see which way it’s blowing.”

Any politician who has ever had longevity knows this well. We the people have made our position on net neutrality quite clear. Wise senate democrats should “obey the prime directive.”


Yeah… to clarify, sorta, I should have mentioned that the thug I referred to is a freshman republican senator. He seems impervious to what the left-of-center constituents want. I don’t mean to be too gross here, but his head is so far up McConnell’s backside that one day I expect to see his shoelaces hanging out of McConnell’s pants as the camera catches him walking away.



They can’t stop phone calls. I’m so sick of these so-called blue dog traitors. The DNC had better not be giving them one dime! Work for your constituents or get out!! Hopefully Doug Jones will hurry up and get on board.


“one day I expect to see his shoelaces hanging out of McConnell’s pants” -Too much information… I have a very vivid imagination… now I’ll need a sedative before I turn in


:innocent: sorry about that… try a nuts and berries cocktail. Once a year I treat myself to that. Of course, after a year of this Orange Cabal, I may switch to once a day…


Go for it, primary the shit out of them. I like my Senators and they are both on board and so is my rep. most the time I am happy with Oregon reps in Washington except for Greg somebody from Southern Oregon who is a repug.


Just let me say “Great ideas and great job”.


:hugs: hope springs eternal…