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Collins Dumps Trump, and About Time


Collins Dumps Trump, and About Time

Maine's Sen. Susan Collins, one of the last of a dying breed of moderate, occasionally coherent Republicans , has finally summoned the strength of character to announce she will not support Trump in the election, thus becoming one of the most high-profile GOPers to abandon their lunatic flag-bearer. Announcing her decision in a WaPo op-ed, Collins listed a few excellent examples of Trump's "unsuitability for office," even at a Burger King.


I'm going to answer that question about 'best possible quality': He calls out the reich-wingers for the bastards they have been, and the damage they have done to the country.

He does it in a way that the Dems never have, mainly because their leadership is in bed with the reich-wing, and the rank and file is either too corrupt and/or too cowardly to do so.

Lyin Ted: "He puts down that bible and lies come out his mouth" BOOM. In 35 friggin years, never has a Dem taken their hypocrisy, wrapped it around their neck and hung them with it. There are other examples: Jeb the Even Lesser: "The Iraq war was a big, fat mistake. They knew there were no weapons of mass destruction and they lied to us anyway." BOOM.

Tell me one quality of Nancy "Impeachment is off the table" Pelosi you want your children to have? Susan Collins? We're listening to her now? Another reason to vote Green. Why would a reich-winger establishment drone NOT for for Clinton? As Jill Stein said: Clinton is not the answer, she is the reason we have Donald Trump. As Assange said (paraphrasing): "Clinton claims you will just have to swallow all our bad stuff or you will get Trump: that's extortion"

I'm getting tired of the anti-Trump all the time. Yes it's here, but let's talk about how it got here. Meanwhile, keep things in perspective and don't get distracted by the hysteria.


Your poison pen is running out of bile with which to scribble! It's going to be a long three months till election day!


Electoral survival creates predictable political divorces.


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This "Moderate" label is like when Manual Noriega's name always had to be preceded with "Strongman".
Susan Collins's name is always preceded with "Moderate" so maybe, just maybe, some people will start to believe it.

The fact is, she is only moderate when she knows her vote won't count. At all critical times, she votes a straight Right-Wing Republican ballot. Not supporting the GOP Nominee is one of those cases where her Right-Wing colors shine through.

I am also amazed at how she somehow became a millionaire while serving in Congress. I guess she must have moonlighted at McDonalds to earn extra money.


Considering how far to the right the center has shifted since Collins was first elected a quarter century ago, "moderate" is a far less comforting label than it once was.


I come not to praise Susan Collins, but her bury her.
This bubble head has always tried to sound independent and thus "reasonable" when compared to her wacko colleagues in the GOP, but at the end of the day she always voted the company line, enabling some of the most conservative, racist, sexist legislation to become law. This woman is an ignorant clod whose time as long since passed her bye. She is a repugnant dinosaur that doesn't even deserve a place in the museum storage room.
So what if she's right about Trump? Any imbecile with their thumb up their ass would come to me same conclusion. She does not deserve a cookie for doing the right thing. She has earned our admonishment for not doing it sooner.