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Collusion Is in Plain Sight

Collusion Is in Plain Sight

Laura Flanders

A collusion crisis. That’s what the money media are facing since the Attorney General released his summary of the Special Prosecutor’s report. Barr says Mueller says he found no proof of a Russia/Trump campaign conspiracy to subvert US democracy. Oh no! How are cable companies going to keep their ratings up with an audience that’s collusion-hooked?

“…in plain sight. All one must do is open one’s eyes.”

The problem is, Poy, Schiff said unsubstantiated things like this repeatedly:

“I think it’s the first time the public has been able to see one of the links here. And that is we knew from the Papadopoulos plea that the Russians had told the Trump campaign very early on in April of 2016 that they were in possession of these stolen e-mails. We now know that the Department of Justice presented to the FISA court information that the Russians previewed what they would do with this information, their dissemination of it. So when Donald Trump openly called on the Russians to hack Hillary Clinton’s e-mails and be richly rewarded if they release these to the press, his campaign had already been put on notice that the Russians were prepared to do just that and disseminate these stolen e-mails.”

Devin Nunes is a jackass, and Schiff has egg on his face.


Barr did NOT say “Mueller… found no proof of a Russia/Trump campaign conspiracy to subvert US democracy.

Mueller did not decide to indict Trump, perhaps because he did not find sufficient proof to prosecute, perhaps because he did not believe the constitution permitted him to indict a sitting president.

There is a huge difference between no proof and insufficient proof to indict.

Shame on Laura Flanders. This is deceptive hack reporting of the worst sort.

It is misleading, insulting, and false.

Trump would be very proud of her.

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Isn’t it collusion when the press & dems engage in ritual humiliation exercises of historic proportion, in order to seal Trump as President for Life?

Laura, please pull back now. You are one of the best journalists out there, and have been for years. This morning I have to wonder how you could write about collusion without noticing the massive (probably deliberate) train wreck that just happened. It’s time to get real, everybody. And fast.


That’s a good place to start. Why can’t anyone besides the exiles (Greenwald, Taibbi, &c. – mainly people writing overseas) call out blatant embarrassments like Schiff?


Pony Boy’s linked video features Lawrence O’Donnell referring to Schiff as honorable.

But Schiff dishonorably heated anti-Putin rhetoric up to the point that the d-party now stands as more likely to lead us into a war with Russia than the Rs – his posse has called Russian interference in our election an ‘act of war’ on par with 9/11. And the number of times Schiff literally waved around the Steele Dossier as proof of something or other is beyond dishonorable – it was stupid and he should be embarrassed on his own behalf.


Zionist collusion is okay though?


Collusion…that should never been the focus of anything. Imagine, for instance, that one of the front runners of the Democrat 2020 presidential primary-and especially the winner-stating… China, if your listening, you’ll be highly rewarded if you dump the emails of so and so high level Republican, then a high-level campaign rep taking a meeting with China’s government or other State agent for the purpose of influencing the election, etc., then lied about it? Etc., etc., …No problem right! Mueller, Barr. the entire Republican Party, Fox., et.al, have already deemed this presidential behavior nothing more than high theater. Truth? Facts? Decorum? Honor? Respect for anything beyond tribal allegiances? Whatever…

Is that a picture of Trump saying, “Screw you, I do too have more than one brain cell.”

Laura, there’s no there there. By continuing to use the “collusion” meme you just furthering a conspiracy theory promoted by the corporate media. Independent media, of which you are supposed to be a representative, has known for 2 + years that Russiagate was a crock.


Adam Schiff’s career should go the way of Colin Powell after his lying about WMD in Iraq. Schiff is a lying sack of shit and should never be given any credibility by anyone again. He’s a war mongering propagandist. No one else in Congress has been more of a champion of Russiagate than Schiff. Both he and colleague at MSNBC Rachel Maddow - in a just world - should spend the rest of their lives behind bars for massively increasing the risk of nuclear war, if nothing else.


In that light, I have asked for proof of Rachel Maddow’s false propaganda that has been alleged here more than once. I haven’t seen any proof yet. Character assassination without proof is a sad thing.

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Examples of lying please. Accusations without proof is scatology.

Are you living in a hole? Everything coming out of Maddow’s and Schiff’s mouth for the last 2 + years was/is a lie. I suppose you are fan of theirs?

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Big words, no proof. Do you seriously believe Trump in no way colluded with Russia? If so I have a few bridges for sale.

I have known since the very first accusation that there was no collusion over 2 years ago. I and also knew that there were no WMD in Iraq when that canard was first launched. Why? Because I am a critical thinker and I read independent media and if you did that you’d know that too. You represent why the corporate media and the ruling class still thinks that it can get away with massive propaganda campaigns to fool the entire public - that are laughable if you pause to think about it.

People like Glen Greenwald were right, Aaron Mate was right, Matt Tiaibbi was right, The Real News was right, the WSWS was right on all these critical issues.


I represent no such thing sir. Sounds more like you are a cynical thinker not a critical thinker.
We see you. Nobody except those involved knew what you claim to have know on day one.
more BS and still no proof. With the hundreds of links offered on other things, you have none?
Let’s start with proof of one false claim and go from there.
I’m beginning to wonder where the real propaganda is hailing from.

Look, this is the last time I will respond to you. You don’t know anything about how propaganda works. This is why none of what I saying makes sense to you. This is not new. Probably the best place to start, if you have any interest in understanding how propaganda works (and you should if genuine democracy is a concern of yours) is the book by Noam Chomsky and Edward S.Herman called “Manufacturing Consent: The Political Economy of the Mass Media.” It was published in 1988. I read it in 1991 in the run up to the Gulf War (first invasion and occupation of Iraq by the US). Fyi, the base of the Democratic Party is manipulated just as much as the base of the Republican Party is, just differently. I choose to understand how elites are truing to manipulate me. Obviously, I think you should too.

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I read one line and gave up on you on this topic. You are showing no common sense.

Apparently just an attack dog.