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Collusion Is in Plain Sight

Of course I couldn’t resist going back and reading your post. I think a better understanding of the difference between understanding what propaganda is, and of what disbelieving facts as they are presented is, would be a good idea.
Nice job of refusing to provide (facts) of misinformation by turning the tables.

Shit, and I was having a nice day.

So Senator Schiff-------, “I don’t think it’s o.k…” to decide what you decided and act as if the “Russians,” ruined the Hillary. I think the DNC, the Hillary and all that corporate money ruined the Hillary long ago.
I 'm still waiting for proof that Russians did anything except some bad hacking of Russian losers on facebook with some stupid ads, but you need to distinguish between small time losers and the Russian government—And to repeat again as Bill Bimmey said, those emails were sent from INSIDE America, the time and date stamps give credence to that--------and did not come from the outside. Maybe you should look at the
idiot ex-UK spy or maybe Comey really should have looked at all those Hillary emails on all those Hillary home computers.
However, I believe that the American people should have a chance to read ALL of the Mueller info—American history got gipped out of finding out what happened to JFK—we don’t want another entire giant sheep stuck into our faces to replicate pulling the wool over our eyes since that has all happened before.!
“Something is rotten in the state of Denmark,” as Hamlet once said—but some of the rotten is in those 2 political parties, the Dems and the Gopers. Let us READ all of the PAPERS, we will read and understand it all so much better on our own! And Adam Schiff, " I don’t think its O.K." if you pull the same verbal crap that the GOPers do! : (

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I for one am more interested in what Trump was up to than the Russians.

It doesn’t matter if it’s in plain sight or not , if you can’t prosecute .
The police routinely perform criminal acts in " plain sight " and are rarely prosecuted for these acts.

Ha, Ha, Ha, ha,hah!
…you are out of your league.

Nerveous deflection followed by baseless assumption.

Hi Gandolf; LOL, with Trump, it seems that anything that glistens IS seen as gold. I think he’s treating the country as if it’s now his personal business. But then, I think that winds from all over keep blowing him off course when he actually tried to do something sane… like finally ending the North Korean war, and getting out of Syria… although, after that he did drop the “Mother, " of all bombs-----so he became an idiot again.
I think he thinks that,” acting as if," makes everything o.k. Bush and Cheney did that too and I think if an idea has any kind of sparkle—he wants it.
He’s a lot like my next door neighbor who always won in Monopoly-----until my little kid self figured out she was both using and being the BANK, so she never lost any money! That seems a lot like Trump and business.
Somehow, in America, if a person is in the news a lot, they often have great credibility—maybe just because the name is so familiar. In America a lot of winners are cheaters…like that Lance Armstrong bike racer and too many politicians to name. : )

Taibbi & Maté, stalwarts of the tiny band of American journalists who remained conscious over the past two years, see Maddow as the “central figure” in the scam what am. Her lies and distortions, her complete neglect of anything significant in the news, her deliberate exclusion of any dissenting views, her obliviousness to the nuclear risks of hate-mongering… it goes on and on.

As a kid playing monopoly, if someone else was banker I scrutinized every payout to themselves. I guess that suspicious nature has stuck.
Trump can’t escape his narcissistic nature and his reality show mentality. I becomes more obvious when he wraps himself in the Fox Noise banner.

Sorry, you are going to have to show some proof of lies and distorsions. Claims don’t cut it.

I agree that the exclusion on her program of all of the other important issues was inappropriate, and having a dissenting view would have been alright. But just as the right-wing versions of her SHOW, hers is partisan by design.

Gee, why do you reckon the Dems are hiding the evidence?

Hey, insight!

But the accusation had to be one in which the trail of investigation did not lead back to the accusers.

Apparently, that eliminated a lot of otherwise viable possibilities.

Here is Madcow trying to insinuate something from thin air. Very progressive indeed.She has become a supreme disappointment to any clear thinking progressive.

She’ll probably push Biden as the wise choice. We’ll see

Hi Gandolf: I don’t think even Trump knows what he’s up too. He does things and if he gets a positive reaction —he’ll go with that. Or if someone says NO, the he’ll switch what he’s doing. He’s like a straw in the wind—which is flying about in brainless manner and peculiar people like Pompeo,Bolton and Abrams are circling him like air sharks.
On his own Trump wanted to pull out of Syria, and talk to NoKorea, and clean up the swamp…sometimes he does do the correct thing but he’s so easily distracted that he might as well be a poodle on a leash. : ( Of course Reagan was kind of like that too. If you look at news back then he smiles, and waves , and puts his hands into V’s for victory----with storm trooper Nancy running interference all the way down! I guess America is lucky that it was still sort of functioning them.

I don’t ever watch the Maddow person-----geez, she’s an idiot. Wow, maybe someone could get a picture of her on a plane sitting next to someone who looks like Putin and run with that! : ) That would be fun. Maybe she hasn’t yet heard that no one with a brain sees Russian collusion making the Hillary lose. The Hilary did that all by herself. : )

This is idiocy.

Leaving Maddow aside, who has over-boiled her investigation of Russiagate, you cannot say that “everything coming out of… Schiff’s mouth for the last 2 + years was/is a lie”.

That is completely false. Completely. And it is ridiculous simpleton hyperbole.

Schiff’s speech listed a series of provable, known facts to sentient humans.

If liberals can do no better than you just did in discerning fact from fiction, we are doomed.

Assuming you’re really a liberal, or a progressive, or something to the left of a right-wing lunatic.

With all due respect, I think you make a huge mistake if you dismiss Trump as a goof.

He is cunning and manipulative and a very effective conman.

Is he pliable on matters that don’t interest him? Sure.

But his greatest accomplishment may be getting people to believe he is stupid.

Egocentric, yes. Narcissistic, yes, of course. Hedonistic, absolutely. Enlightened, certainly not.

But stupid, no.

You totally miss the point. Schiff deliberately mislead the public for 2 years. And no, you shouldn’t assume that I am a liberal or a progressive.

How so?