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'Colonialism Is Back': Trump Considers Extending Afghan War to Exploit Mineral Reserves


'Colonialism Is Back': Trump Considers Extending Afghan War to Exploit Mineral Reserves

Jake Johnson, staff writer

As the 16th anniversary of the U.S. invasion of Afghanistan approaches, President Donald Trump is reportedly being pressured by a billionaire financier and a chemical executive to extend the scope of the conflict for one simple, greedy reason: to exploit Afghanistan's mineral reserves.


"Colonialism is Back???

Good to see the reality dragged out of the myth of it existing only in the past tense. If there is ONE thing that can be said about the core of the plagues of this era, it is colonialism - globalized, commodified, marketed, financialized, racialized, permeating far too many main-line religious institutions and polluting quite literally everything that it touches.
I would submit that when we get that laid out clearly, with the thousands of tons of documentation AND deal with the colonization of narrative and language, we’ll be dancing on the path to integrity and sustainability.


American officials estimated that Afghanistan had untapped mineral deposits worth nearly $1 trillion a whole lot earlier than 2010! Feinberg is only acting so openly now because he thinks rump will have a sympathetic ear to the calls for american imperial expansion. Feinberg did not just now suddenly become aware of this…


This is pitiful and sick and so not funny! Thousands die over 16 years, in a country we have not an official war with, whose people never did us any harm–until we invaded them and bombed them and droned them. And then there are the young men and women, quite a few from my state, who gave their lives thinking it was for freedom and there was a national threat to us–or whose service terms were renewed, so they had to go again. And then there are the contractors, who got paid more, but also died…If Trump gets away with expanding this war for profits for his cronies, we will be reviled by all who have minds to judge us.
2018 better bring some relief from such idiocy and evil.


The UK Empire did this in the 1800s … funny how idiot humans don’t have a clue about how evil they were.


There was no other reason for us to be in Afghanistan this long–it has always been about exploiting their resources, emplacing oil pipelines, and positioning ourselves to counter Iranian influence. That the line is being clarified is a good thing–the media HAS TO KEEP TALKING ABOUT THIS. It would counter any of the smarmy “They hate us for our freedoms” BS when the Taliban and ISIS join to counter the imperialist threat from the west.


“War is a racquet”- General Smedley Butler
"War… is a business"-Chris Hedges


Even more thievery being considered by the Thief-in-Chief.

In some parts of the world, thieves are punished by having their hands cut off.


This is what the Duopoly does.

Establishment and Maintenance of Empire.

Every American who votes Democrat or Republican on election day is supporting Empire whether they admit it or not.


DJT, not being a student of history or geography (or any other subject, for that matter) knows nothing of the ill-fated attempts of any number of invaders of Afghanistan (Genghis Khan, Soviet Union, e.g.) that resulted in abandoning their ops in that country where tens of thousands of the members of their armies were buried (USSR lost 53,000+ troops during their 10-year practice in futility). So not surprising that someone like Feinberg and soon-to-follow, other greedy billionaire parasites seek to easily enlist the support of the demented dimwit to establish their extraction/destruction ops in that nation…the prez supplies the military muscle and the corporatists then step in to lay waste to the lands and bring untold harm to the indigenous peoples. That way, they only spend money on equipment while the American taxpayer pays for the security in both money and lives. And there are any number of Russian kleptocrats lurking in the shadows.

Just stick to skimming off the ever-expanding opium trade… Afghanistan will NEVER be “colonized”…decimated/oppressed, perhaps…but NOT colonized.


And in some parts of the world liars get their tongues cut out.   But if that were the case here we would lose our entire governmental structure – from City Councils and County Supervisors all the way to Congress and the White House – and at least half of SCOTUS . . .

I’m not so sure. IIRC, China is planning to build a railroad from Yangzhou to Cairo, and a branch line south from Kazakhstan would not only facilitate extraction of resources, it would enable China to easily drown Afghanistan in colonists. This will take a few years – maybe even several years – but it’s going to happen sooner or later (if mankind survives the next fifty years, that is).


Correct, commenters here were pointing this out a decade ago. Theft and claiming “ownership” of these “natural resources” has ALWAYS been a key factor in this evil war.


The Chinese investment in African countries is also paying off. Meanwhile, the orange butt rock vacillates between admonishing China and praising them while they sit back and laugh at him. He is clueless and will be the undoing of our nation.


Well now when lefties rant about the American Empire… they will be correct. Extraction of wealth by force of arms is a classical definition of empire but extraction of wealth by foreign corporations that are protected by force of arms is the modern variation.

To paraphrase Kipling’s tale - “The President Who Would Be King”?

Maybe we should start worrying that it is actually “The President Who Would Be Emperor”?


Afghanistan is now ripe for the picking. Investors will prop up the Trump Adm. with even more " pay to play " schemes. Using the U. S. military and our tax dollars for personal enrichment ( America’s new infrastructure investment plan ends up in another foreign country: oh lordy ). And, this is the new normal in places American voters couldn’t find with Google. The Trump base couldn’t care less, either.
It’s quickly reaching the " yellow tape area " of right wing political movements. Where we’re apt to see mass loyalty oaths administered by Trump on Cable TV. It’ll look laughable, but it will be quite effective in insulating him from the courts, etc. This is Trump’s real Wall. The Extreme Right’s backstop for ruling.
That loyalty is what Trump demands of everyone who works for him and he truly believes and sees
his voters as employees. ( Especially so when the heat is on. And, the political/legal heat is rising. )
Those voters will keep him in office, they’ll make his family wealthier, they’ll protect him with their guns and… who knows where their weird mashup of anger/resenment really ends.
The Trump Adm. and their business friends are also coming for U. S. public lands and national parks to further exploit, mine and drill ( sell off and privatize the water rights? ). Who’ll stop them?
This is what despots do to maintain power. They appeal to wealthy interests and sell off the assets of their country. Or, their new colonies like Afghanistan and ? Offering treasures and the old canard of good ol’ American jobs, for good ol’ boys. And Trump is a true despot.


Serious trouble emerging from China while Trump the Incompetent is in office. They know he is the biggest mistake the USA has made besides Bush/Cheney’s wholesale borrowing from China and allowing the transfer of our technology to do it.

The fact is that whenever Republicans are in office, our country keeps losing while the 1% keeps winning.


Skag Mountain…I’ve heard legends of it since I was a boy.




The People vs Donald Trump by Simon Johnson

very brief article…

"(…) Groups such as Credo Action – the advocacy arm of a progressive mobile-phone company that uses its revenues to support five million activists – are already showing the way. Credo Action’s website includes an easy-to-use menu to express one’s support on a range of issues.

Likewise, Run for Something is working to fill the pipeline of Democratic candidates at all levels. Flippable is focusing specifically on seats that can be reclaimed (although they might want to add California’s 45th district). And Indivisible is distributing an already widely read guide for resisting Trump, with an emphasis on grassroots advocacy and community organizing. (…)"


Trump states openly what traditional politicians state behind closed doors.

Sadly, in that sense, he’s actually a breath of fresh air.



Get the man a pith helmet and hoist him on an elephant! Ya, sahib!