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"Colonizing the Atmosphere": How Rich, Western Nations Drive the Climate Crisis

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/09/16/colonizing-atmosphere-how-rich-western-nations-drive-climate-crisis

The report seems to be looking backward, not forward–depending on data collected five years ago. There can be no doubt that the West is responsible for most greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Nothing can be done to change that, but something can be done concerning actions planned for the future. China is currently building 10-12 coal-fired plants per year. Its much-touted move to solar is a drop in the bucket in the overall energy picture. Not only that, its people have taken to eating large amounts of meat, much of it produced abroad. Pressure must be exerted on that country if we are to make any progress on solving the problem.
Also, it tickles me that Australia and New Zealand are part of the “global north.” Does anyone know any geography?

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This article isn’t accurate.
What’s driving the emission of poisons and C02 into the atmosphere is human population increase creating increase in use of fossil fuels, destruction of forests, and other follies.
Every human who uses an internal combustion engine is driving the climate crisis.
It isn’t just the fault of rich, western nations. It’s the international human worldwide infrastructure and all of us who count on it, that’s killing this planet.