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Colorado Readies for 'All Out War' as Anti-Fracking Measures Advance to Ballot


Colorado Readies for 'All Out War' as Anti-Fracking Measures Advance to Ballot

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

The government of Colorado has so far managed to quash efforts to halt the spread of fracking in that state, but come November, residents will finally have the chance to overpower the will of politicians and Big Oil and Gas.

Petitioners on Monday submitted more than 200,000 signatures backing two separate initiatives to amend the Colorado constitution, specifically in regards to the controversial drilling method.


Hickenlooper and his fossil fuel henchmen will make "hanging chads" look like child's play when they challenge the will of the people. Hickenlooper has been on the wrong side of progressive legislation and ballot issues from day one. Would recommend Coloradoans vote this useless Dem out, but he is already busy lining up a plush gig in the Clinton admin.


Will the fascists win again with their democratic masks?


Hillary likes fracking.
Or at least she's says that she likes "safe fracking." Whatever that is?
As Secretary of State she was one of its biggest proponents, selling as many foreign countries on the process as would listen.
Which is probably why some of her largest donors are oil and gas corporations. (The Clinton Foundation gets BIG money from these robber barons.)
Hillary also favors nuclear power plants. "We need a mix of energy sources."
Like her foreign policy, Hillary's energy policy is dead wrong.


Hillary's in.
Bet on it.
So the oligarchy and their fascism wins again.


It is reported that Governor Hickenlooper drank a glass of fracking like fluid to demonstrate the safety of fracking. Hell no! Hand that fool a real glass of fracking waste water, and say, "Bottoms up Governor." Colorado is one of the most pristine places on Earth. Hickenlooper is just another democrat front for billionaire evil!


I like the idea. I'm thinking of starting a campaign in my state also establishing 2,500 mile frack-free zones around schools, food stores, government offices, residences, water supplies and other crucial infrastructure. And people; we should definitely keep the stuff away from people.


Colorado has 73,000 wells with tens of thousands more planned for drilling. (Image: Colorado Oil & Gas Conservation Commission)
From the chart it appears that The Commission considers conservation to be a form of rape. I sure hope the people win this one. Conserve the resources in the ground, you know , the way God intended.


Colorado is pristine no more. There are still many spectacular places here worth fighting to save, but as capitalists, a right wing governor posing as a progressive, and developers try to double the state population in the next 25 years, quality of life (all forms of life) in Colorado is going downhill rapidly.



Hickenlooper also opposes the Single-Payer initiative coming up for a vote in November. What a venal pollitician.


Realize, you Coloradans, your privilege: we in West Virginia (and KY and PA) need initiatives like those just as much but we don't have the right of initiative. We could only vote on something like this if our legislature chose to put it on the ballot, which will happen long after hell freezes over and Heaven catches fire.


This is good but a new DARK Act like bill in Congress will be sure to protect the fracking industry.


One only needs to look at Vermont's food labeling law to see how this will turn out. When the frackers lose at the local level they move up to the state level and when they lose at the state level they will move up to the federal level. If the TPP is in place before the initiative can be implemented it will probably be moot anyway.


If big oil and gas have their way our state would be drilled, fracked and mined till people couldn't live here. Hickenlooper is a sell out democrat, can't wait till he's up for reelection. He has been against everything progressive in this state since being elected.
Colorado was one of the first states to report that you can light the water in your tap on fire. Since then it has been a battle royal. We don't want to see earth quakes here again. We don't want to live close to these wells or send our kids to schools that are close to them.
The towns mentioned here have voted on this before and Hickenlooper stepped in and went against the will of the people. Here we are again, fighting to defend our land, homes and families.
The oil and gas industry is declining making it less attractive for investments. My hope is we can hold them off long enough to save this beautiful state from their exploits.


You are so right. With the influx of millions to the Denver area the quality of life here has gone down. Hickenlooper has been against everything that is good for the state and has pushed for growth so hard we can barely get around on the pot hole ridden streets of Denver.
He has been a terrible governor and we must get him out of here. Remember the flood a couple years ago caused wells to leak into the rivers that feed the states to the north east of us. Of course all that was downplayed.


Yes, he supposedly drank fracking fluid on T.V. I saw it. People were demanding to know what was used in it and he finally agreed to drink it before the toxic recipe was divulged. He's a sell out pig, no wonder he was mentioned as a Clinton v.p. With Dems like him we can't get this state to turn solid blue, he's a Republican at heart and is against anything we want that is progressive.


The green movement brought to you by Wall Street. Energy independence at a local level (i.e. fracking in Colorado) is not very good business for international bankers. Look into who finances 350.org.


Who is voting these people into office?