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Colorado Voters Urged to Reject Measure That Would 'Shut Down Democracy'


Colorado Voters Urged to Reject Measure That Would 'Shut Down Democracy'

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Supporters of animals, the climate, and democracy itself are urging Colorado voters to reject an upcoming ballot measure backed by special interest groups that would stiffen requirements for amending the state's constitution—or, put another way, a ballot measure to end (some) ballot measures.


Amendment 71 will fill the gap by enabling enhanced corporate control beyond what Obama's TPP, TTIP and TISA will accomplish for the 1% at the expense of the 99%.


A large question in this nation now is "Do we even have a democracy?" I think many of us would say we do not.


Where does corporate John Hickenlooper stand on this one?


He has to wait for the DNC Corporate headquarters to instruct him before he can answer that question. What a tool.


Actually this amendment will make the process more fair for all voters in Colorado. Instead of a portion of the citizens who live on the front range in dense population areas making decisions for all of us, it requires that all districts have a right, even with smaller rural populations, to say what ballots should be included for a vote. This is the only ballot question I'm voting yes on, but it is good for Colorado and good for the citizens. Several states have passed such laws or amendments, and big guns who like to stick their noses in local affairs like HSUS don't' like it. Please vote YES on this amendment.


I'm right there with you on local rights and being able to make decisions about things that directly affect them most, like communities being able to ban fracking in their vicinity instead of the state overruling them.


He's for it.


God help us with people like you in our state giving away our rights to corporations.


Every year it's a battle to keep Colorado free. The corporations and Oil and Gas put up bills like this all the time, hoping people will think it's for the citizens when it's not. Lucky there's enough educated people here to see through their games and tricky wording.
NO on 71, it's a corporate power grab and Hickenlooper is a stooge so he's probably for it.
Vote NO.


Actually, this bill will hinder our citizen's rights to make laws about fracking or any other issue. They word it to sound like its a plus but it's not, it takes away one of the best things Colorado has, the ability for citizens to create amendments. It's a scam, vote NO.


Actually, my post to justacitizen was done tongue in cheek. It would not surprise me if justacitizen (maybe a good corporate citizen) is pro 71 but against communities banning fracking.


"justacitizen" is very likely an individual working for the oil and gas industry --
I campaigned for "NO on 71" -- did League of Women Voters and radio debates against these people --
the "2 percent rule" makes the likelihood of ANYONE doing a future Colorado initiative EXTREMELY unlikely --
but let's look at it this way: which narrative do you believe? if you believe the one that says the oil and gas companies were altruistically inclined to help Coloradans improve democracy for themselves, then okay -- you win -- it's a great measure.