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Colorado Youth Score Decisive Legal Victory Against Fracking Industry

Colorado Youth Score Decisive Legal Victory Against Fracking Industry

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

A group of Colorado teenagers scored a "huge" victory against the state's fracking industry on Thursday when a three-judge panel ruled that the health of citizens and environment takes precedence over oil and gas interests.


Congratulations to the Martinez brothers and fellow members of the Earth Guardians on their recent victory! I applaud their dedication to saving the environment and all life in the process. May they continue their activism with courage, strength of conviction, and compassion.

Thank you and blessings to all of you (and to the Colorado Appellate Judges for their ruling).


This is a manifestation of “advanced society/civilization”, where cannabis is fully legal and intelligence rules! The topic here is fossil fuels, specifically, Natural Gas, the Devil’s Fart (excuse me, Devil’s flatulence). By the way, oil is the blood of the Devil, used to stoke the fires of Hell! Brave youngsters, brave!


These guys (kids) are the front line in the great battle of our time: fossil fuels.


This is a much-needed “breath of fresh air” in this time of so many “public servants” who seem lacking in basic humanity.

Thanks to the Earth Guardians and to the judges.


Finally! Sanity prevails over profits. And the children are showing us the way, both in Colorado and in Seattle. Fortunately, neither they nor Native Americans have been effectively brain-washed by our national policies of greed.


Amen. And how did we achieve passing Amendment #64?

Mostly by just pointing out to voters the scientific truth (Marijuana is Safer than Alcohol–so regulate it that way) and letting them use their own common sense, which won out over fear, ignorance, and our entire country’s mass indoctrination to the drug war.

Now, convincing the electorate of other scientific facts, i.e. that caffeine is more toxic to humans than cannabis–would have taken much more creative work. But thankfully, we didn’t have to do that.


Boulder’s fierce independence shines again. Nanoo Nanoo.


Great–but it irks me that this piece accepts the framing wherein, if Colorado mandates “balance” between fossil fuel development and health concerns, that means the commission is entitled to ignore the kids, greenlight all fossil fuel projects, and…oh, yes, BALANCE that by saying something nice about trees on Earth Day. When Republicans want to steamroller the environment for some industrial interest,they always bring out that word “balance.”

And don’t forget the fracking “Democrats” like Killary.

“Balanced,” here by Commission and lower court using the same meaning as “Fair and Balanced.”