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Colorado's Tenacious Anti-Fracking Movement Explores "Last-Ditch Options"



Shades of Wiebo Ludwig, a man who appeared to be many years ahead of his time. He was villified in the media as some sort of off the wall looney tune and that media took every opportunity to reflect his ideas in a poor light.


"Coloradans best chance for curtailing oil and gas drilling, however, may come at the ballot box in November": If this fails, then high time for a total, rolling non-cooperation.


Always amazed that a handful of goons manages to rig the game to suit their short term interests at the expense of generations of fellow Americans. And that this system encourages that type of ruthless, uncivilized, self centered behaviors.


Coming to the Colorado Ballot soon is some stuff a group named Building a Better Colorado wants to see. They want to see a measure on the ballot that will make it harder and more difficult for ballot measures that change the constitution to make it to the ballot. Here is the example law: To get a measure to the ballot to amend the state constitution one must first get the state legislature really excited about an idea. Then one must convince two-thirds of the legislature that the amendment is good for US and see a vote reflecting the two-thirds legislative majority. Then (whew this gets tiring) one must convince two-thirds of the counties in the state that the amendment is a good idea then it goes back to the legislature after county ratification and the legislature votes again and voila, a new amendment. If the amendment comes from we the people then there is a very long and involved petition process involving signatures from voters in two-thirds of the counties. This is all just a short circuit of a government of the people and a fast track for a government of the corporation. Sabotage is a better answer.


Earthjustice.org is an organization made up of environmental lawyers who take up causes where corporations are pushing the limits on our environment. Last year, they took the frackers to court in Dresden, New York and won a court case against big oil to keep fracking out of New York. Contact Earth Justice and see what would recommend. I know they are aware of what is going on in Colorado because I've written to them about big oil pushing people around and they acknowledged they knew what was happening.

Secondly, wage war against Hickenlooper and vote him and other legislators who have been instrumental in allowing Big Oil to push the little guy around off the planet!! When politicians don't work for people, they've got to be voted out because, they are probably being paid off by big oil!!


Colorado's Gov John Hickenlooper and our Dem US Senator Michael Bennet must both be voted out of office. Long story but both are owned by the oil- gas industry. Both are responsible for taking, for the meantime, away Colorado citizen rights to protect themselves from the serious health effects of gas drilling in the immediate vicinity of their homes and children's schools, not to mention global warming. The only way to teach all politicians that they work for society and not rich oligarchs is to vote them out of office. I am a registered Democrat for many, many years. It is past time for a Bernie Sanders' led political revolution.