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'Colossal Failure of Leadership,' Warn Progressives, If Schumer Can't Unify Democrats to Block Trump Supreme Court Nominee


'Colossal Failure of Leadership,' Warn Progressives, If Schumer Can't Unify Democrats to Block Trump Supreme Court Nominee

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Progressive lawmakers and activists are urging Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) and other Democrats to resist President Donald Trump's forthcoming nominee for the Supreme Court to replace Anthony Kennedy, who announced his retirement on Wednesday, after siding with the rest of the high court's right-wing justices on


Don’t hold your breath. Schumer has about as much backbone as a spectacled earthworm.


When there are up to 16 Democrats who can always be counted on to vote for any Republican nominee, what is Schumer supposed to do?


Let’s see.

Heitkamp, Manchin, Donnelly.

Schumer won’t get the job done.

In other news, the D-Party is in the midst of epic failure.


Colossal isn’t strong enough.




Doesn’t Schumer secretly want a right wing Supreme Court nominee? Odds are, yes he does.

Prediction…the new judge will be seated before the midterms, thanks in part to Chuck the Schmuck (feigned drama aside).


As much as I read Kennedy’s opinions and his movement left or right, his announcement now shows what a putz he is. Why didn’t he wait until midterms were over.

As for a fair SCOTUS, his move now shows he has no idea what a fair court would look like, let alone care about during the next twenty years.

Same for Obama who put us in this mess.
“I got your back” Obama couldn’t even beat a McConnell.
Oh we’ll all work TOGETHER…YEH RIGHT.

Schumer, well his oaths are already in place, and there is no hope unless we pile it on.
One thing that shows obvious, he is afraid of most things and heads for the silent zone with Pelosi.

Put his Ass Front and Center.


Smoke them out and fight them.

That is if you have an Ability to LEAD.


It is also democrats fault for not holding McConnell in contempt of the constitution and obstruction of justice and …I am not a constitutional scholar like Obama but I bet they could of dove into the laws and constitution and charged him with something and now all the contempt of congress, rule of law, the constitution it should make the job a lot easier. All these groups that are suing and states suing. Work together, come together and get the frickin job done. congressional repug thugs are thwarting democracy and the rule of law and most of them should be jailed.


Dang! That’s exactly what I was gonna do!


Oh, I know, I know! Embrace progressives and socialists!

I know – ain’t gonna happen.:frowning_face:


Members of Congress have constituents who they are supposed to be representing. Schumer will have a difficult time convincing senators from more conservative states to hold the line. These senators aren’t representing Schumer they are representing people from their own states. Schumer can try his best, that is all he can do.


He is a dinosaur and member of the Empire Party. He will not stop anything.


The infamous “pragmatism” of the Democrats at work? Run as a Democrat, but vote with Republicans because your constituents are conservative and won’t vote for a liberal.

That never has and never will make any sense to me. What’s the point of being a Republican and calling yourself a Democrat? Just run as a Republican and win in a landslide ever time…


But mr Schumer isn’t even representing people from his state.
He supports AIPAC who wants it to be illegal for Americans to support BDS.
Schumer dissed the Free Speech part of the 1st Amendment.
Schumer works for Schumer-


If Schummer was able to lead, Gorsuch would not be on the court. What makes anyone think he’s learned anything? The Senate is full of DINO’s includimg two from a small state in northern new england. (not Vermont)


That failure of leadership boat sailed, long ago, with Schumer and Pelosi. Schumer, himself, voted for 7 of Trump’s picks, including such notables as Pompeo, Kelly, Halley and Matis. Calls for leadership from the Dem establishment should have started back when Obama and his pals caved to McConnell and the Republicans on Obama’s SCOTUS pick. Praying for the Dems to show leadership, now, is the ultimate Hail Mary.


What nonsense logic. How many people that call themselves conservative want what the Supreme Court has done or will do? How god damned hard is it to articulate the hugely negative impact this court has had and will have? This is another instance where it becomes clear how much your party is simply not up to the task of what we are facing. I am sick of the excuses, while the country just fucking crumbles around us.


The thing is, we have two rotten parties. One is in need a moderation, while the other has been swamped with right wingers like Lrx over the last generation. The reason why people like Lrx don’t just go to the Republican Party (outside of them being parasites and benefiting from the access to power and wealth the party gives them) and moderate that party is that doing so would mean they play far less of a role in beating back the left. The Republicans need moderating influences. All of the big money donors in the Democratic Party would do society a huge favor by leaving the Democratic Party and moderating the other party, but of course they wouldn’t do that because they can far more effectively beat back the left from within the Democratic Party. So, we have a lunatic right wing party, and a corrupt and ineffective Democratic Party, and not much else. If you took away the life that Sanders and people like Lee Carter and Ocasio-Cortez have given that party, and if a total monster like Trump wasn’t there to use as a rallying cry, it would be dead and would already be facing an existential crisis. And we can look forward to more horrible people like Steve Schmidt, and more billionaires like Bloomberg, flocking to the Democratic Party, which will cause it to drift even further right. Bloomberg announced recently that he would be throwing $80 million into the upcoming election to help Democrats. A billionaire, throwing that money into the system, should be a sign of corruption, right? Neera Tanden thanked him, said he was “saving democracy.” Lrx will have you know that Tanden is the best we can expect within this system, anything more is rainbows and unicorns.