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Colossus of Man-Made Misery Demands Big Changes: UN Chief


Colossus of Man-Made Misery Demands Big Changes: UN Chief

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

With hundreds of millions of people across the planet facing the impacts of war, displacement, hunger, and other man-made crises, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon is demanding a "fundamental change" in how the international community responds to conflict—one that prioritizes political solutions and a preservation of humanity above all else.


The eyes of the children! The boy in the back seems stoic, with a touch of anger, the girl next to him hints of a smile, the boy in front seems to be pleading, we’re here help us, and the girl beside seems to be grudingly accepting, dignified all. The eyes of children in distress will break the most hardened heart.


After nearly 70 years of watching the F-35wits, who are called leaders for some peculiar reason, make a complete bloody mess of the post -WW2 world, I agree wholeheartedly with Ban Ki Moon. And the fundamental change needs to start at the tops of assorted countries as that is where the reponsibilities for the present mess need to be brought home to roost. Why is so hard for our so-called leaders to preserve compassion and humanity?


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Our military industrial complex MUST be supported in the style to which it is accustomed!! What are our chances of beating a few swords into plowshares, having our military divide its time between practicing military arts and doing something more constructive like fighting climate change by harnessing renewable energy in poor nations where it is needed most and by desalinating seawater both for domestic use and to water crops?


Pardon me if I’ve already posted this video here before, it is a worthwhile 9 minutes of children lives in pipelanistan.


I do NOT object to supporting our high tech military might in making weapons. I merely wish it could be used for something more constructive than war.