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Columbus Day in Pretend America

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/10/15/columbus-day-pretend-america

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The reverence for Columbus Day comes from the conservative mind that is steeped in belief and abhors and may be incapable of self introspection. It is the same reason that that mindset can deny science–it is not congruent with belief, but is based upon a logical system that must allow for fine tuning along the way when more data or better theories become available. Apparently, with the simplest of mind, complete adherence to belief is such an opiate (thanks Karl) that following a belief, whether it be in a deity or a cult leader is so pacifying as to override the frontal cortex where logic is supposed to inform and reform thought. Hence Cult45. Columbus–a white European–does just fine to justify and even obfuscate all of the crimes committed by the “Puritans”. Cognitive dissonance writ large. I thank my parents who provided my siblings and me with two sets of encyclopedias with which to fact check the bullshit school lessons such as the simpleton stories about Columbus. Otherwise, I might just be another zombie waiting for the next spectacle to propel me further into Idiocracy.


“No one does anything wrong given their model of the world.”

We must change the model, change our Cultural Story ,create a New Story to guide us .The children to not repeat the mistakes of the past must as the article eloquently points out be allowed to do some critical thinking.
What you memorize you memorialise

We must remember the past and do everything we can to help those who are still suffering from oppression which in reality is all of us .We have reached our limits of this patriarchal God fearing survival of the fittest myth .
For 3 millennia it has never been challenged.
It’s all a fallacy, life destroying, there is nothing more cruel to nature than mankind .

Life must become prime value. For humanity to survive the next 30 years we must grow up or we surely are children of a lesser God.

Awaken The Species


*“Indeed, we create the world in which we now find ourselves: a world of unending wars and the ever-present possibility of nuclear Armageddon . . . a world in which, just for instance, the president could wind up starting a nuclear war while he’s [playing golf].”

You left out a world in which Billions of Dollars are spent to fund BSL labs used to create viruses, yeah, just like the one killing us right now, to prepare for a future where our country will knowingly kill millions of innocents with germs.

And don’t forget, they’re already telling us that the next wave is coming. WTFU.

If Armageddon is coming, as long as the first nuclear warhead lands directly on the Orange Headed MoFo playing golf, I could die happily.


Euro-Americans not only do not know who they are, they don’t know where they are or where they come from, either.

Our entire power is based in violence toward others and toward Life itself, and it has been for many centuries. We don’t have the concepts or the vocabulary to do it differently.


My present calendar actually calls October 12th, Indigenous Peoples Day, and rightly so. I was surprised when I saw it!!


I’d prefer a meteor crashing into Earth dinosaur size. Then Earth can sort it out and start afresh knowing clever, greedy, power mad, apes was a huge mistake. At least it wouldn’t be glow-in-the-dark planet, the way a nuke war with the subsequent meltdown of over 450+ reactors because humans need to keep a careful eye on their functioning.


Sounds like a suitable alternative Olhippy, however, I would need a clear assurance that the Orange Anus-in-Chief was vaporized on impact.

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Reading list addition:
An Indigenous Peoples’ History of the United States
by Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz


What causes Euro-societies to be so monstrous? I asked that question, and asked that question, over and over for years. It was personal to me. It was identity. It was an edge I sat upon where one side was European and the other was Native American. What was the fucking problem, I wanted to know!

The short version of my answer is hubris and money. The long version is too big to discuss, but for certain it has to do with our stinkin’ thinkin’ that we are taught, and our fear of being poor in a brutal, stratified society.

All people are the same, we love to say. Sort of. This is how people are the same - a small number are tall, a small number are short, and most are average. A relatively small number of people are truly, deeply good, a relatively small number are sociopaths, and most people can blow either way depending on mood and circumstance. A very small number are above average intelligence, a very small number are below average intelligence, and most people are average.

A small number of people are gorgeous, a small number really are NOT, and a lot of people have a charm or two to get them through the night.

You know where I’m going with this. In these ways, all people are the same. They are the same biologically, too. Otherwise, your culture determines your reality. This culture’s reality, its worldview, how it sees everything outside of the human being, is wrong. It sees human beings incorrectly, too.


I don’t believe in white people
I don’t believe in civilization
I don’t believe in progress
I don’t believe in great men
I don’t believe we are advanced
I don’t believe in words

I don’t believe I had founding fathers
I don’t believe America is or ever was a democracy
Or even an experiment in democracy
I don’t believe in the myth of the myth of the noble savage
There never was a myth of the noble savage
There was a genocide

I don’t believe most Indians died from disease
I don’t believe the Iroquois were primitive
I don’t believe that all people everywhere in all places and at all times and in all cultures
were the same as white people
I don’t believe in white innocence

I don’t believe the Earth is a dead rock in space
I don’t believe that human beings are the pinnacle of evolution
I don’t believe that tribal people before us were ignorant or superstitious
I don’t believe the other beings that are also made by Nature are lesser animals

I don’t believe in white people

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Schoolbooks today teach children that foreign terrorists committed the 9/11 crimes. If anyone can manage to get the Columbus story changed to make it accurate, hopefully the same can someday be done for the false, rewritten history of the first year of this century also.

Joe Biden isn’t any better. Lol!